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Introduction to Marhaba

By jackramsey | A Penny and A Thought | 21 Nov 2021

With too much crypto currencies coming and going in the blockchain technology, it is good to hear at times that there are new products with underlying values that can greatly help to improve the crypto currency world.

Marhaba wants to offer an alternative to the traditional banking system. They want people to have a choice in what they trade and how they trade it. They plan on providing a more transparent, decentralized, and autonomous financial system that allows people from all countries to transact seamlessly.

"Marhaba" is an Arabic word for Welcome, usually used to greeting someone who arrived commonly used to tourists or visitors.

Marhaba Coin "MHRB" may be the first crypto currency to be used coming from the Middle East.

It is in their intention that for this crypro currency to be used for hospitality industry commonly known as the tourism industry, where the traveler may not have the proper currency to spend upon their arrival to their destination during their busy trip or sometimes urgent flights.

This will be of great convenience knowing that you have a currency to use without going or looking for Foreign Currency Exchange centers, and just concentrate in your itinerary and enjoy the welcoming country.

Marhaba Coin or cryptocurrency can then be used to buy online, from groceries, personal care, electronic gadgets and also food deliveries. Marhaba Coin may well be the first fiat alternative to bitcoin in the Middle East, it has a value in local currency and can be used at any time. Due to volatility of cryptocurrencies, this asset may well be backed by more stable fiat of oil producing countries.

This is a good payment solution, that will cater to the needs of travelers, including constituents and allow for seamless and instant transactions across borders. With the security put in place as described.

Another good stuff of MRHB coin is the Liquidity Harvester, a liquidity harvesting protocol on the blockchain, which is to provide 5 - 15% return.

MRBH will be on a decentralized finance platform that will bring ethics to the DeFi space. An ethical ecosystem of crypto-financial solutions that allows people of all faiths with an ‘ethics-first’ in consideration.

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Greetings to everybody, hope you have a wonderful day ahead of you.

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