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Health is the most important thing we have to live a "good life" we need to be healthy or that is the thing that many people say in today's world we need to have everything in the palm of your hand easy access and fast there is what is "Solve" for is a platform company that takes the uses of the blockchain to another level the innovation with care coordination improves access to care, reduces benefit administration costs, and helps reduce fraud and waste in healthcare around the world this site allow digital networks to be built so they can focus on some patients based on medical conditions economic or social needs with this easy access to this facility of Decentralized apps many businesses can create health acre apps but the platform ins, not everything apart from the platform they have a token called "Solve" which is aimed to be used for network payments and transaction fees. It also has additional uses including developer rights, staking, marketplace payments, and platform fees. is different they use the blockchain to give the patients privacy security and control of data and many other things meanwhile the let the development of dApps made especially for health by the Care Networks and keeping their users safe by sharing useful information to reduce the chance of fraud they are also unique because they not only allow networks to run independently but to also have something underneath that allows them to communicate with every other dApp they also have a stable coin

They have built a blockchain for their clients which includes Boehringer Ingelheim Uber Health Lyft Aon Arizona Care Netwowors between others they are a bit underrated and they are the first company in the world to successfully deploy digital currency and blockchain technology for payments in US healthcare.

Sove runs under ERC-20 or etherum they have a total of coins and you can find them in  Kucoin Upbit Uniswap V2


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