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Sometimes looking for new projects there are some good projects but most of the time there are bad just memes, with no backing or scams some rare situations when you find a jewel this reres new coin that has a great backing an a lot of future coinweb is still in progress there are plans for adding smart contracts and many more things but what is the thing that makes this coin amazing 

"Coinweb's vision is really to solve problems in the space in a unique way build useful technology and ultimately to enable mainstream adoption for blockchain" this is what the project leader Tony Gilbert said    Coinweb create 7,680,000,000 coins with a 22% in mining reserve 14% for advisors  10% for sale 9% in partners 6% in sale the rest is the company reser that will use in   

Coinweb is solving 

  The broader vision of blockchain technology promises to enable the creation of an infrastructure that can automate and optimize trust-based functions  This will bring a paradigm shift in how businesses, governments, institutions, and individuals interact and operate  



Coinweb run under the ERC-20 Etherum blockchain right now, coinweb is looking the creation their new blockchain that makes interoperability of chains one coin that does this Near, coinweb tries to create an incredible blockchain including scalability solutions and smart contracts and tries to create a new chain that will be launched in a near future 

Some technical things about the coin are that they are developing a unique and strong coupling between chains with uniform development across them also they are indexing of blockchain data with a very strong security 

This project is backed by KU Coin Labs, Vlaunch, Shima Capital, Panda Capital, Morningstar venture and many others

This is not investment advice this is the result of months of following the community the projects and learning about the coin and a fundamental analysis 

There is on sale on Bitsmart, Kucoin and 


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Time is the biggest partner you have all-time gain interest let the world work for you #HODL

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