The most profitable people in a bull market are those who can live and do things without fear.

This weekend's news is very lively, all related to the trade war, China's national team took the initiative to counterattack, and three arrows! Recruitment for the old beauty!




The key point is that the village chief of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, this time, also used mouth support. It is said that the capital market has gradually digested and reflected the impact of Sino-US economic and trade frictions, and the valuation is at a historical low.

But look at the market's morning market, we don't buy much. The heroes who took over for the country have not yet appeared.

Dow Jones also fell 1.41%, it seems that Trump's days are not good, the People's Daily, calculated an account that the US stock market evaporated 5 trillion US dollars in 17 months.

Watching funds are safe, gold has hit a new high.

The tension in the international situation on the weekend is still good for Bitcoin.

At present, Trump's global troubles are full of people's hearts and minds. Bitcoin has the possibility of safe-haven funds entering the market. It is necessary to pay close attention to the deposit of Coinbase.

After talking about the international situation, talk about the currency circle again.

At 10 o'clock this morning, the fire coin launched the HPT transfer event, which attracted everyone's attention.

HPT is the 50% income right of the equity currency on behalf of the fire currency pool, so the valuation is capped and will not be separated.

The coins stored in the fire coin pool will automatically generate HPT, and the HPT will generate coins such as eos, iost, trx, etc., which is a hen that lays golden eggs.

After the HPT turns to the motherboard, the fire coin pool should be a big fire.



The fire coin opens the mode of money.
The slogan of the fire coin is to divide 45 million half-price HPT.

This time facing the half-price HPT of all HT holders, the subscription price is 0.001676HT, and the highest is 0.006490 after the opening. It is very calm to run above 0.005HT after the opening.

But half-price HPT is a chicken leg for dinner, 2000HT only gave 4 HT quota.

However, users who originally owned HPT ate large meat.

Today's trading price means that users who originally held HPT have a 50% gain in their eyes.

Therefore, this time, the fire coins will play new tricks and engage in the GEM transfer. The biggest advantage is the altcoin in the GEM.

Let's take a look at the requirements for this transfer:

The number of valid holders of the current month, the market value of circulation, the average daily transaction volume, and the average daily trading number are all entered into the top 50% of the main board.

Xiaobian also logged on to the GEM, and there are about 50 currencies in total. Among them, coins with high transaction popularity are likely to be selected.

So hurry to the hot money gem to find a dark horse cottage.


Today is also Sun Yuchen announced, in the end did a big time node!

But until noon, Sun Bo's Weibo has not announced this big event.

Some analysts believe that Sun Yuchen took a picture of Buffett's dinner. The reason is that everyone knows that Buffett is very annoyed with digital currency. The auction dinner is also subject to review qualification. Sun Yuchen is difficult to be selected to share with Buffett.


However, I think that Sun Boss must have taken the meal, and Buffett is unlikely to refuse because he hates cryptocurrency. After all, it is a charity lunch with more money and good fortune. If you have a meal, you will raise 30 million yuan for charity.

If you don't speculate, you can't talk about it.

A friend who has a TRX in his hand can actually fall into the bag. Announced that Buffett’s lunch is officially announced. The bullet has been flying for three days. Therefore, the benefits have actually been reflected in the price of the goods in the past few days.

Be wary of the situation after the EOS conference, although the memory of the leek is only 7 seconds, but after the EOS people are disappointed, many people will imitate

the operation. After Sun Bo’s official announcement, there should be a lot of short-handed TRX. in.

Xiao Bian also sincerely hopes that Buffett's lunch is true, because Buffett's lunch is concerned all over the world. Wall Street, hedge funds, and the financial industry are all screaming at the table at Buffett's table.

The currency circle is still too small, and the large-scale exposure around the world will certainly attract a lot of attention from outsiders and further participate.



In such a market, the small currency looks quite rude. When the mainstream currency rises, it won't win the mainstream currency. When the mainstream currency fluctuates, it will stay still. When it falls, it will fall, and the typical no-play rhythm.


I own the altcoin in my position, IRIS and LOOM, and patiently hold it.

The mainstream currency has been going up for a month, and now you are cutting the cottage to chase the mainstream, it is likely to take the wrong rhythm.

Take your altcoin, not all opportunities can be seized, you can earn a wave of stability.

The most profitable thing in a bull market is someone who can live. A round of bulls down, tossing back and forth must earn a living.

Money can't be earned, but it can be lost.

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A girl who likes to share ideas

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