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Steady On

By Hobos | A Ghost in this House | 16 Nov 2021

Crypto craziness--don't know what any of it means

What's real in this life, and what's intangible--wealth? games? play? competition? risk-taking?

Who are those we encounter online--the nameless, faceless people behind the computer screen...

What are their goals, their lives--what did they eat for breakfast today? How did they sleep last night?

Are they worried about paying the rent, making a fortune, finding love?

I met my dearest friend in his garage the other day--hadn't seen him or spoken for a long while (felt like forever to me)

He was hurting; that was obvious...said he wasn't happy; didn't know what he wanted..

We held each other close for a bit--hands intertwined; feeling each other's heart beat in our embrace.

That's real...that's connection. That's what has meaning.



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A Ghost in this House
A Ghost in this House

A work in progress, here but not here..self-discovery and healing is the key…can that happen at any age? Even when you have weary bones and a heavy heart? Time will tell

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