A walk by the water

By Hobos | A Ghost in this House | 10 Nov 2021

There once was a girl from the 'Peg

She couldn't handle heat and preferred snow and ice instead

But her heart wanted to be by the shore

Lake or ocean--no matter--just to hear the water roar

Will she one day make it there? she asks

Find peace, lapping waves, maybe do a barefoot dance?

A lightness of heart, toes scrunched in the sand, wind blowing through her hair

She felt young, free, wild, without a care..

Gladly taking a hand, she walked in step with her companion and what was given

knowing now that connection matters most, way above island living

At times though, she still walks in solitude along the shore

remembering a lost love, and wishing she had fought for more...



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A Ghost in this House
A Ghost in this House

A work in progress, here but not here..self-discovery and healing is the key…can that happen at any age? Even when you have weary bones and a heavy heart? Time will tell

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