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Would you prefer blissful ignorance?

Good evening.


Well that's a change, I normally write my posts in the morning but hey I am at the airport with a few hours to kill. 


To start at the beginning, many years ago David and I met a young man, we shall call him Bob. Bob was in his early 20's but so well mannered and polite it was hard not to like him. Our paths crossed at a few social outings and Bob was always a pleasure to talk to. He would have an opinion but also listen to yours and before you knew it a couple of hours had passed chatting away.




Bob had some theories and at that time I honestly thought Bob had been smoking a bit too much funny stuff! Some of his theories seemed so far fetched and unbelievable back then but that is because we were still living in blissfull ignorance. A lot of what he talked about was the great reset, government control of your spending, big pharma wanting you to stay sick, the end of small businesses to some degree too and at times I thought how far fetched these ideas of his were. That was a few years ago, before covid.


Now when I think of Bob it is hard not to wonder if he had a crystal ball as a  lot of what he said makes more sense now and sometimes when I am talking to people about government agenda's with crypto (They are trying to make it difficult for us to invest our money as we want to). The energy crisis and the amount of small businesses closing as they just can't afford to keep the lights on. The CBDC's that will eventually track and monitor and possibly even restrict our spending. It was crazy to think of a bank going down but 3 in the space of a week would have been unimaginable and I don't doubt there will be more to follow.


Now when I think of blissful ignorance that was us. We worked hard and long hours, David had his own business and I used to manage other people's, we earnt what would have then been classed as good money, our savings were in the bank, just like most people's. We hardly followed politics or economics as we just did not have time or the energy after the hours we had worked. Then we partly saw the light and moved to Bulgaria, living a life where we could actually be there to see our son grow up. 


Then we discovered crypto and everything changed. Suddenly we were looking for alternative news channels that are not so biased, we were researching so much about crypto alongside economics and politics as sometimes they were all related. We understood that printing money out of thin air would have repercussions later on, well it sure did. I am not saying we are experts and I don't see myself as a conspiracy theorist but I do think we no longer live in blissful ignorance. 


Could I go back to the old ways, no probably not but when I speak to people now im sure they think i am mad. I would also like to apologise to Bob who it seems was right all along. What do you think?


As always thank you for reading and feel free to comment.


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crypto newbie mom
crypto newbie mom Verified Member

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A foray into crypto, A technophobes journey
A foray into crypto, A technophobes journey

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