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The end of cash.

Good morning.


I was in the UK before Christmas and it had been a good few years since I was last there. It is surprising to me now how differently I look at things. I am more aware of how the markets are behaving, how the economy is and it is mostly due to our being involved with crypto.I still thought fiat was backed by gold until our crypto journey!


What was most noticeable was how many places had notice's saying card preferred and some places not even taking cash at all. When i was in the supermarket there were not many checkouts with people working at them, they were mostly self service and of the 6 or so with human's working at them, only one or 2 took cash......I had loads of cash and I actually had trouble spending it (A first for me!)




Now being aware of CBDC's I can see where we are going and I don't like it, but most of the everyday people I speak to have no idea what I am talking about but then they also have no idea what crypto is or how it works either. Now the UK banks have already been blocking people from sending their own money to crypto exchanges as we found out when trying to buy our first miners 18 months or so ago, so they were already saying then what you can and can't do with your own money and it can only get worse.


Apparently the UK has outlined their plans for their CBDC and already they are suggesting limits of the amount people can hold so no doubt there will be many restrictions in the future on what you can buy too. If the UK has a falling out with France they could stop you from buying French wine, fancy a steak for dinner, too bad as you have had your quota of meat for the week. I know it seems far- fetched now but once they outlaw cash and everything you spend is monitored by the government they can do what they want.


They also say crypto is volatile and there are lots of crypto scams, it was not that long ago that the UK had a new Prime minister whose policies made the GBP drop to the lowest level since records began! Inflation is on the up, people have warm public buildings to go to because they can't afford to heat their homes. Yet we are supposed to trust them with a new digital currency and all that data. It is not unheard of that UK government institutions have had data breaches.


Currently I have an ISA that is supposed to be being transferred to my account, while I was in the UK I spent an hour in the bank getting this sorted out and they said 6 - 8 weeks for the funds to go through. (Really I thought some blockchains were slow!) Well we are now on week 15 because they have lost my ISA and it may take them another 4 weeks but don't worry they are trustworthy. This is more frustrating as I had earmarked this money for BTC and although I could use the savings or a different account, I shouldn't have to and I am watching the price of BTC go up.


Aithough I am not a fan of CBDC's I am sure they will happen which in my mind is all the more reason to have more BTC so I will just keep stacking any which way I can.


As always, thank you for reading and feel free to comment.






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crypto newbie mom
crypto newbie mom Verified Member

I have had an interesting rollercoaster ride into the world of crypto and want to share my story.

A foray into crypto, A technophobes journey
A foray into crypto, A technophobes journey

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