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Bulb app


I have been using the Bulb app now for around 9 months, when I joined there was a relatively small community, sometimes it was a struggle to find articles of interest to me, to read apart from the people who I followed. There are a few now from Publish0x who cross publish (myself included). 


There are pluses and minuses to every platform, I have been on Pub0x now for almost 2 years and it is a great site with so many great writers and great articles to read.


Bulb good points


* There are genuine and good writers on there

* You can get points for commenting (also a negative)

* You can earn points for moderating

* No daily limit on articles you can read and like (Earn points)

* Weekly challenge boosts (Can significantly boost your points)





Bulb bad points


* There are now a lot of copy paste articles from white papers or Medium articles

* You can get points for commenting (More below)

* Moderating points take me a lot of time, although there are signs, you have to find and link the original article.

* The amount of airdrop scam posts is huge at the moment.

* This makes the whole platform look scammy


The commenting and earning points is a nice idea, in as much to encourage conversation but as usual it also means you get copy pasted comments and 'nice bro' comments. As much as I sometimes, pressed for time, want to just put 'excellent article' I do now try to wait until I have time to respond properly. But there are some really great writers on Bulb and some of the comments are helpul and informative. The fact that the community can moderate and earn is great and I believe that as Bulb grows this will help to get rid of the copy pasters and airdrop scam articles. Apart from that it is a really great site to use. It is new, there will be issues but the bulb team does do a monthly newsletter update, that you can comment on.




I have been using Pub0x now for just over 1.5 years, I will always love it as it was the place where I published my first blog. I remember a discussion when I was asked what number of people I expected to read my posts, my answer was 50 would be nice! I am truly gratetful to all my followers and anybody that reads my posts.




Publish0x good points


* Many great writers/articles

* No copy paste articles that I have found

* Established for 6 years

* Variety of earning tokens (Currently ETH and OP)


Publish0x bad points


* No incentives to comment, encourage conversation (This is a plus and a minus)

* Restricted to how many articles you can tip per day (It would be nice if this could be raised)

* Micro tips take quite a while to build up.




Publish0x and Bulb are easy to use and very friendly and I will continue to use them. Both sites are free to use and easy to withdraw from with no high minimum thresholds.


If you can see past some teething issues why not give Buld a go.


As always, thank you for reading and please feel free to comment. What are your thoughts on Pub0x or any other blogging sites you use?



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