Stormy cumuli nimbus

Up in the clouds

Up above the clouds.
A celebration of sorts. Being able to move locations at will. I have been drifting through space for a long time enjoying a freedom only given to me through others ingenuity. But i always stood grounded as the sites appeared,disappeared and were left on hold. An imaginary land where one click of a button would take us to worlds beyond our imagination. Yields/farms/land/structures/codes/bots..... we exist within a myriad of creatures all designed by none other than us.
Yet the ecosystem where I find my freedom proves volatile and hostile at times. Carrying us with it all the way to a sky we can't see then changing colors on us when we over impose.
I don't question the fragility of it or the emotions that come with its turbulent structure but my own weakness as I dare to look into the vast skies while disregarding their ground.
The colors would turn green but the red candles lie in wait to paint our road back to the grounds.
Directions we decide to move in never seem to comply with our intentions. And every chance we get we blame them for our own misfortune.
Up in the sky I look down at the clouds. Some floating aimlessly providing shade from a divine that over presented its blessings to the world,and is in turn scorching the earth. I look down imagining the clouds finding spots on our earth and guiding it towards a small temporary haven from a divine they look up to. I imagine birds would chase the clouds and take advantage of the times where trees are relieved only to find themselves dancing to a tune of the songs.
I doubt the songs would be praising the sun while taking shelter in the shade.
Yet how much would the cloud bear to protect. And for how long will it be able to float before its own sanity is drained.
I was up in the sky when the green candles switched colors on my world. The clouds seemed to have left. The divine gave us euphoria only to burn us the closer we got to it. I looked down at the clouds and saw them protecting the land yet some of them were not satisfied. We went down with the sun but even the clouds refuse to bring us backup again. We can realise our mishaps yet we see how far we have come while being oblivious. Why would the clouds that drift shelter us from the sun? Only to find themselves receiving the torment we would have. Rising in agitation I witnessed as some couldn't bear it and with it engulfed more space and thundered down on the grounds throwing with it everything it once gave shelter to.
We look to the sky and imagine our dreams reaching the sun while forgetting the clouds that constantly protect them and shade the roads that would lead us there.
The sun lights the path. But the candles never point to her. As we see ourselves thrust further away down, we pause not for a solid breath but for a moment where we are given a chance to contemplate weather the clouds are unfair or we have been treating them unfairly.
To be able to fly above the clouds, to be able to fly through the space. Do the same rules apply? Where lack of humility strikes down on us and we are reminded on how big our dream world could stretch and how detailed our original is!

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A day outside the internet.
A day outside the internet.

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