Red ,green and a star

 If only the world understands what is happening. The people working day in and out for its own divinity. For a sun the brightens the earth and fellow humans that brighten our lives.though to be consistent in writing alone allowed me to see the weakness that we exhibit as mortals. our conciousness that is taken away by the faintest of interaction and the power it takes to focus and produce the results that will impact the change we want in this world.
Stability is a must for consistency. if anything the colors red and green showed me is that a balance will always find its way whenever the forces at hand are inactive,or at least weak. How can we find peace when we ourselves are volatile. How can the markets find their balance when every interaction towards it is a force that shows us the anxiety we want to get over.
I write to express a sentiment that in my head is shared. But the world reflects my energie as it percieves it. It points out how i am without me understanding why the truth isnt regarded. But maybe the truth i see is not a truth that is real. Just a belief that this world is including me when i myself am just forcing myself on it.
 A clown mentioned the impact we should look for that would change the world yet all i see is the skirmishes for self interest. Programs/protocols... concepts created for the sake of us. Yet we would easier abuse them before we use them. A world where colors red and green reveal hope and greed. I find red more comforting for hope and a green that symbolises our greed. The star we seek comes in a blue moon. Humbling us all and shifts the tide into a future that balances out our actions and paves the way.

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A day outside the internet.
A day outside the internet.

Sunny afternoon in an african city

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