Has anyone tried this app?!?!

By Wizkid | A day in the life | 9 Dec 2020

Has anyone used the app called Randonautica? It's an app that gives you random coordinations that are generated by a quantum computer at the Australian University and when you go to these locations, whatever you are thinking of is suppose to manifest its self.... me and my step daughter have messed with it a couple times just to see what all the hype is about because people are going crazy over it online. .... yesterday before we used it,I told her that it was most likely bogus,but if it's not,then I want it to show me $600.....well after getting the location from the app,we got in my car and the clock showed 6:00....we went to where it told us to and saw nothing. When we got back home,I checked the mail and there was an envelope in the box that said $600 on it....weird I know....then tonight I was at home and tried it again but what I wanted to see this time was something that had something to do with the Randonautica app...a little while later,sarah came home and drew a picture on a rock and sat it on the kitchen counter. I walked over and picked it up,and the picture was an owl..An owl is the Randonautica symbol!! These may just be coincidences, idk,but it just seems a little strange given the fact that this app is run on a quantum computer server....I'm going to try it again and see what happens.

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