Photo of a choppy, steel colored ocean under a cloudy sky. Sun beams subtly breach the clouds

Let Go

By DaBea | A Daily Dose of Confusion | 28 Feb 2021

The ocean was steel, reflecting the cloud cover above. The grey sky gently hinted at nothingness, as if all that existed was a soft, unrelenting gray that would hang over all of creation for eternity. Soon, though, the sun reached up and over the horizon, and the thick swath of moisture began to dissipate. The ocean responded by shifting a bit more toward blue, its gentle waves sparkling in the new day’s young sunlight. When they first arrived at the dock, the smell of the salt air was striking, but now, after having spent some hours immersed in the seascape, they could only just barely detect the salt spray. “It’s funny how we adjust so quickly to new things sometimes,” they thought to themself. It would be another hour before they reached the harbor, no land was in sight, just a disk of ocean growing blue around a little ship in the center of the ocean. They closed their eyes to listen to the sounds of the boat. The people on board. The small talk, the business talk, the work talk. They tried not to judge any of it, but couldn’t help themself on occasion. Sometimes they would even weave stories out of the small scraps of other people’s worlds based on their conversations. It was hard not to. They shifted their attention to the mechanical sounds of the ship, the water splashing beneath the powerful bow as it cut its path through the open ocean. They thought how little space the boat took up in the ocean, how small a percentage of it the hull penetrated, and yet the boat felt like an un-tamable behemoth beneath their feet. It was hard to reconcile the two thoughts, yet there the thoughts were in their mind, real and clear. They sucked in the salt air in a deep and uninhibited breath hoping to reactivate the striking sensation of their first encounter with the wind, but before they could assess their success, they wondered whether their breathing exercise was making some sort of an uncivilized scene and their eyes fluttered open, darting about. No one was watching – the people were busily engrossed in other subjective worlds. They relaxed their shoulders and loosened their grip on the cold metal of the steel railing.

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A Daily Dose of Confusion
A Daily Dose of Confusion

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