Terra Luna and Me

By A Crypto Tale | Living Everyday | 18 Apr 2022

Is Luna Jinxed for me?

I have this experience with Luna and this is not the first time that I have experienced this, not even the second time, not even for the third time. Let's just say, it has been quite a few number of times. And I am beginning to think that I should just stay off the Luna wagon for sometime.

I trade Terra Luna amongst other cryptos, and every single time I buy the Luna coin and create a sell order, the value of the coin plummets. Since I try to trade a couple of times at the least in a week and if not every day, the sell orders are a small margin. Not even 1$ or .5c. Many a times, it is far far below the .5c margin. I have experimented this with less than .1c margin as well. And I wait a while until the order can be fulfilled. The last time it lasted a few weeks, lets just say maybe a month.

So what is it with Luna. Many of my other orders get fulfilled even if it takes a week, but Luna gets me every time.

Maybe I am better off staking Luna while I can.

Do you have a coin that gets you every time you trade that coin. Let me know.

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