Getting some exercise into my routine and crypto thoughts

By A Crypto Tale | Living Everyday | 10 May 2022

This is a random rant of not getting much exercise lately. More importantly, is it time to buy more crypto? 

In the past, I would do yoga 3 hours a week and during the lockdown I managed to skip for 20 minutes in a day. 

But now, I wonder where is the time to do any exercise? 

I have never been a gym person. But I have been very athletic growing up. I did Karate for a few years and also played field hockey when I was in school. And now, between working, cooking my meals, spending time online - aah, so that is where my time is being spent. I must admit, I can spend hours scrolling the instagram and tik tok. And now it is time to make a very conscious effort to use my time in a more efficient manner. I think I need to keep my phone away, unless it is a phone call I cannot miss, during the first half in the morning. And fit an hour work out in the mornings. It sounds easy and simple in my head as I am writing this. How hard can it be to walk 40 minutes, skip 20 minutes in a day, that is the days I am not doing yoga. I will get to know soon when I plan to implement is tomorrow. I will start with skipping for 5 minutes and walking for 30 minutes. Yea, my brain is already negotiating the workouts. 

I think I can do it and I think I will. 

And now for my crypto Rant. 

And now, the thought that is constantly running in my head, is whether it is time to invest in Bitcoin, or wait and watch (monitor the prices closely) or just stay put, wait until the market becomes a little more stable. I almost (so close, so very close) bought Luna yesterday thinking I can profit from a short quick trade, and I am quite happy that I didn't. Bitcoin or Luna? the confusion in my head remains. 


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