RealT | Invest in Real Estate on a Blockchain | Blockchain Real Estate

RealT | Invest in Real Estate on a Blockchain | Blockchain Real Estate

By Jay Fried | A Chain of Blocks | 6 Sep 2020

In this video we will take a closer look at What is RealT?
At its core, RealT is a platform for investing in U.S. real estate. Ownership of these real estate properties is denominated by digital tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. The digitization of the a paper deed into a digital token offers unique advantages in real estate ownership. More on these benefits in the video.

What is the difference between RealT & RealTokens? is there any difference between RealT and RealT Tokens?

RealT is the name of the company. ‘RealT’ is a hybrid of the word realty, real estate property and token. RealTokens are the purchasable asset.

We will also look at the possibility of selling RealT Tokens. We will look at a fews ways you can buy and sell RealT Tokens.

Did RealT ever participate in an ICO?
Was there a RealT ICO?
RealT has never done an ICO, or any sort of token-sale event other than the sale of RealTokens that represent the real estate assets available on the website. There is not one single token for RealT. The RealTokens referenced are the generic name used for all of the unique sets of tokens that correspond to their specific property.

We will also take a look at What are the benefits of tokenized real estate?
Are there any benefits in tokenized real estate?


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