Best Altcoin to Watch | HOT New DeFi | XIO Flash Staking | Beta Test

Best Altcoin to Watch | HOT New DeFi | XIO Flash Staking | Beta Test

By Jay Fried | A Chain of Blocks | 7 Sep 2020

In this video we will take at some of the Best Altcoin to Watch in 2020. There are many HOT and New DeFi projects, but XIO Flash Staking is on the top of my list of exciting Altcoins. I am going to walk you through the XIO Flash staking Beta platform.

XIO Labs is a decentralized marketing, development, and consulting agency created to help blockchain projects scale. Using $XIO as the exclusive payment and settlement currency for all services offered, XIO Labs operates 100% autonomously with zero commissions or middle-man fees.

Flash Staking is a way for investors to Earn instant upfront interest on ERC tokens while supporting the next generation of up-and-coming blockchain startups

What is XIO Network?
What is XIO?
At its core, XIO is a flash staking protocol powered by the $XIO token. Instead of waiting for rewards, users can earn instant upfront interest on various ERC tokens.

What is the XIO d'App?
In short, the XIO D'app is like Uniswap but for staking instead of swapping. Users can search through various tokens or startups they want to support and lock their tokens.

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