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By Makkyy | A beauty after a storm | 15 Sep 2020

It was really hard being painfully shy. To become a prisoner of your own mind and ideals. Doubting your skills and abilities. Shyness really can ruin opportunities, why? Because there's something that always holds you back. And if it will continue until you become adult it may also ruin your life.

Are you perhaps, one considered the most quite in your room that your classmates began to think that you have some terrible secret plans to them.

The first thing you have to do is to know yourself. How can you describe yourself? What you are good at? And why do you lack of self esteem? You can't really solve a problem without knowing it first. Here are possible the reasons that greatly affect your confidence:


1. Past experience

Maybe you have a painful or shameful past that you can't get over with. That will keep flashing back everytime you try to do something to grow, then you hesitate, and end up doing nothing instead, because of the fear of it happening once again.


2. You care too much of what others may think of you

You always get affected by the judgement of the others, to the point where it's hard for you to move around.


3. Insecurities

There are many things that could insecure a person. It could be the pimples, dark spots and other facial problems, I think it's what make most of the teenagers nowadays lose their confidence; Poverty, some people felt insecure because of what state of life they have; Also inborn defections or disabilities can make some people insecured.

After knowing yourself and realize your problems and insecurities. You can now take the second step in improving your self confidence.

Here are some tips to Improve yourself:

• Forget the past. accept the fact that you can never go back the time and change those events. I know it's not easy to forget those things, just stop thinking about it and you'll eventually forget it.

• Mind your own business. Stop caring about what your surrounding may think of you.

(Anime: HunterxHunter)

• Compete. Hone your skills, compete and slowly build your confidence.

• Go out and find friends you cn talk to.

• Learn to accept yourself, the state of life you have, let go of those insecurities. Be contented with who you are. Only by accepting yourself, you can be accepted by the society.

• Believe in yourself.

And when you finally been released from the shell of shyness. Stay humble.

Be Confident but stay Humble

Do any of you here experience the same thing?


How did you overcome it?


Feel free to share it in the comment section 😊

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A beauty after a storm
A beauty after a storm

Tonight was going to be cold again. Heavy clouds has been transform, extreme rain was about to fall. The thickness of rainsdrops which can be strongly guessed through its impact to the roof, one drop, two drop, three drop, and rain had now come like a thousands of pebbles drop on the top of the house. Cover your ears a lightning was about to strike. Close the windows for winds to not pass. Stay inside and pray to God that things will subside.

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