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By Makkyy | A beauty after a storm | 15 Sep 2020

Self introductory

Hi Guys!! Makkyy here, it's my first day on here and hoping I could be friends with you all.

Everyone of us has weaknesses. And mine was my writing skills, I was not really fond of writing articles. Constructing sentences and my low vocabulary had always become my problem. But it doesn't mean I can't try and improve myself right?

I've been in a disappointments before coming here. When I had graduated at my primary school I have received a scholarship and accepted it. But when I was there I can't get over of my homesickness. I cry and cry every night and eventually get to go home and leave my whole scholarship. Pathetic right? And 7 months ago I'm on a interview for college scholarship again. There are 6 exams to go through before a chance to take the interview. Either entrance,medical, endurance test, written, computer, and behavioural exam I have passed it all, but FAILED the interview... I got mental block in the middle of the interview, Pathetic right? It was really pathetic. I couldn't get to step out of the last step because of this shackles—Lack of self confidence. I was imprisoned by my shyness and ruined those opportunities. Resulting to not get enrolled for this school year.

And now I am here, finding a place to improve myself. To get out of this shell. To get to know more of myself, explore my capabilities and CHALLENGE my Weaknesses.

As the saying:


"Don't waste your time being depressed by your failures, but instead use this this chance to prepare yourself and try it again in the future."

I do learn from my failures and after reflecting it for a week, I've come out of a plan to improve myself. I had written and  I will published it here as my first article.


"Come out of your shell"

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I write articles and poetry. And also do artworks

A beauty after a storm
A beauty after a storm

Tonight was going to be cold again. Heavy clouds has been transform, extreme rain was about to fall. The thickness of rainsdrops which can be strongly guessed through its impact to the roof, one drop, two drop, three drop, and rain had now come like a thousands of pebbles drop on the top of the house. Cover your ears a lightning was about to strike. Close the windows for winds to not pass. Stay inside and pray to God that things will subside.

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