Taho's New Journey with 150K in $OP Rewards - Get in Before Sep 17

@taho_xyz is rewarding 150K in OP tokens in partnership with @VelodromeFi@StargateFinance as part of its @optimismFND grant

Making three transactions will make you eligible for it!

Have tried explaining it through this slide deck, let's begin!

Taho and Optimism collaboration began with the GALXE campaign- Optimissions.



Now a new quest awaits releasing 150K in $OP Rewards while also collecting various items by exploring the OP ecosystem via Stargate and Velodrome. These items will be useful in advancing to the next level of the Taho journey... (whatever that means)



Completing these tasks is crucial to prepare for this journey and earn 

  • Taho Scroll
  • Velodrome Backpack
  • Stargate Compass



100K in $OP will be equally distributed to everyone who completes all three tasks and is also automatically entered into a raffle for prizes totaling 50K in $OP.



All it would take is 2 minutes of your time and less than $15. 



For more details, check out this blog post with a link to the Galxe claim page.

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Freethinkers Writers ✍ Blockchain explorers 🔭 In pursuit of simplifying the different blocks of the chain metaverse

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Projects ELI5'ed

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