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Polkadot Hello World #5: Minting, Bonding, Staking, Slashing

25 Aug 2019 8 minute read talfco $1.66 tipped

This week’s article is about “minting”, “bonding”, “staking” and “slashing” which are core functions of a Proof of Stake (POS) blockchain consensus engine. It’s a follow-up article of “Polkadot Hello World #2: Get Nominated As An Official Validator”,...

Polkadot Hello World #4: Security and Availability Aspects of Your Validator Node

25 Aug 2019 6 minute read talfco $1.71 tipped

In this article, I will address two topics in the context of the security and availability aspects of your Validator Node. I’m aware that the tips presented are just covering the tip of the “security and availability” iceberg for a PoS validator node...

Polkadot Hello #3: Substrate and Wallets

25 Aug 2019 8 minute read talfco $1.49 tipped

This is a repost of an article I wrote October 2018. Polkadot and Substrate evolved, nevertheless major concepts introduced are still valid. Around the 15th October (as announced in the following hackmd.io article) the Pre-POC-3 test net called “BBQ-...

Polkadot Hello World #2: Get Ready to Be Nominated as Official Validator

25 Aug 2019 9 minute read talfco $2.28 tipped

This tutorial is based on Polkadot POC2 and potentially some steps are out-dated (but major concepts are still correct) I suppose you followed the steps as described in my first article and have now a stable Polkadot Validator cloud instance running....

Web3 Summit 2019 - The Google Calendar For Your Planning

15 Aug 2019 1 minute read talfco $0.06 tipped

The Web3 Summit Google Calendar's for "Main Stage" and "Studio 5" Gosh the program of the Web3 Summit in the Funkhaus Berlin is so packed with speakers, so let's start coordinate the upcoming days with a handy google calendar.  Google Calendar "Main...

Polkadot Hello World #1: Cost-Effective Cloud Deployment of a Validator Node

8 Aug 2019 10 minute read talfco $0.07 tipped

This tutorial is based on Polkadot POC2, but may also work for POC3.   The following article series “Polkadot Hello World" describes the steps and findings during my personal kickoff phase in the area of the Polkadot multi-chain framework.   In the l...

DeFi Token Trading In Java Using The Kyber Network #1

8 Aug 2019 9 minute read talfco $3.84 tipped

A KyberDAO Funded Tutorial The tutorial will show you how easily you can access the Kyber Network out of a Java Application in order to trade crypto tokens. The tutorial has implemented the primary trading scenarios: Convert Ether to a Token Convert...

The Death Of The Corporation

8 Aug 2019 3 minute read talfco $0.29 tipped

Findings of my journey into the emerging world of DAO’s Under the headline “Findings of my journey into the emerging world of DAO’s” I will write articles about my working experiences with DAOstack based Distributed Autonomous Organizations (DAO). B...