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The Rise Of Cryptocurrency During A Financial And Banking Crisis

1 week ago silvergoldcrypto $0.46 (255.0474 HYDRO)

The rise of cryptocurrency should not be viewed in isolation. An important series of historical events happened that brought us to today where cryptos are relevant. Roughly speaking most cryptocurrencies fall under the category of private currency, a...

If Bitcoin Could Be Compared To A Model T Ford

1 week ago silvergoldcrypto $0.03 (14.5452 HYDRO)

If Bitcoin could be compared to a Model T Ford, then what could some of the other big coins be compared to? Put your views in the comments.

How Cryptos Could Replace Fiat

1 week ago silvergoldcrypto $1.69 (935.1954 HYDRO)

Traditionally, monetary systems or banking systems collapse when there is inability to redeem what was promised. For example, if dollar notes were issued for gold stored at the banks, and the banks fail to supply the gold related to the dollar note w...