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Something Wicked This Way Comes

22 Apr 2020 6 minute read 0 comments sgerhart

Social media giant Facebook has become a part of daily life for many, part of the mainstream, and at the forefront of transforming every part of our society worldwide. The company has been working for some time to develop a digital currency for it's...

Crisis, Character, Clarity, and Creativity

9 Apr 2020 7 minute read 0 comments sgerhart

The first rule of a crisis situation is Remain Calm! You will always fair better when you focus on the circumstances, needs, and priorities you are in control of in your immediate environment. Focus on what is of true value. Live through the love, s...


How to Be Part of the Blockchain Revolution

30 Apr 2020 alexroan

01 May 2020
Excellent! Thank you May I reccomend Hive Social media blockchain. I believe it can be the hub of grass roots mass adoption of decentralized society. Peace

Social Media Companies of the Future will be Tokenized- Here is Why

28 Apr 2020 BitcoinCrazy

29 April 2020
Great article It is definitely the future. Great opportunity for society. I'm on Hive also, as well as here. Looking forward to more of your content!

Announcing the 30-Day Fiat-Free Fast Challenge!

21 Apr 2020 TheDesertLynx

22 April 2020
I am so down with this I follow several of your channels. Excellent content, thank you Does using Ternio Blockcard app count? Also just got hooked up with Monarch wallet, looks promising.

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Archery and a day of fun with @whangster79 and @ryulincoln

18 Jun 2020 4 minute read comments Solominer

Since the three of us are into bows we went out to an archery range and practiced shooting arrows. Wearing my Hive neck gaiter we started practicing at ten yards. @ryulincoln brought along his PSE Nighthawk recurve bow. And I brought along my PSE Mu...

My first Population arrives in dCity!

16 Jun 2020 2 minute read comments CryptozNewb

  Over the past few weeks I've run across several postings about a new game on the Hive blockchain called dCity. I'm apparently a sucker for new blockchain, collectible games, so I decided to throw 4 Hive at the game and buy a pack. My first discove...

Did You Know Hive Has A Referral Program?

12 Jun 2020 2 minute read comments Hive People

The Hive referral program is on Hiveonboard, built by @roomservice. Click this link to get started, and generate your personal referral link: Click on “Referral Program” and input your Hive account name to genera...

Cryptocurrency and the benefits of ecology. How does "green" mining work?

10 May 2020 5 minute read comments Kluma

Mining digital money is often blamed for the fact that it causes harm to the nature. However, the situation is changing right now. How a new type of asset helps grow strawberries in Canada and why the main friends of miners are wind, sun and water Mi...

How to Be Part of the Blockchain Revolution

30 Apr 2020 4 minute read comments alexroan

The biggest paradigm shift in modern society is coming Over the past 10 years or so we’ve seen booms and busts in cryptocurrency. The hype around Blockchain technology has generally followed these trends. What most people don’t know is that Blockchai...

Social Media Companies of the Future will be Tokenized- Here is Why

28 Apr 2020 1 minute read comments BitcoinCrazy

Social Media Companies of the Future will be Tokenized- Here is Why Hive and 3Speak are way ahead of the curve in the social media industry of rewarding engaging and valuable content with tokens. The reason social media companies will embrace token-r...

Vitalik in Heated Debate on Blockchain Patents

24 Apr 2020 1 minute read comments Abhimanyu Krishnan

Vitalik Buterin has taken a jab at the Bitcoin SV (BSV) project and its supporters, tweeting on April 23 that blockchain patents do not correspond with an understanding of the technology. Buterin was speaking with reference to Craig Wright’s frequen...

ETC (Ethereum Classic) Review 2020

23 Apr 2020 5 minute read comments ChangeNOW

While most of us are familiar with prominent cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ripple, there are a number of other significant cryptocurrencies that exist in the market. In this article, we are going to discuss one such cryptocurrency that has a ‘sibl...

My First Trade (LRC) - DEX

22 Apr 2020 10 minute read comments Mynima

This past week, as one of the initiatives to give Publish0x users an introduction to all things Loopring, the team at Publish0x offered a $5 LRC payout (and writing competition) for individuals to make their first trade on the decentralized exchange...

How to trade on NO KYC DEX

17 Apr 2020 8 minute read comments Yaz Sheikh

This tutorial will guide you on how to set up an account and place your first trade with - a fully Decentralized Exchange (DEX) that doesn't require users to complete KYC. During this tutorial, we will need to set up a MetaMask account, f...


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