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A use case for Universal Income.

5 Jan 2020 2 minute read 2 comments satoshi_nakamoto

Universal Income has been advocated for some time now, but also implemented in different contexts and under a diverse set of objectives. It has surely proven its value in cases of bankrupt economies as it keeps afloat people living in poverty. But th...

Labor Hour Token

4 Jan 2020 5 minute read 0 comments satoshi_nakamoto

A token to reflect an abundant commodity. Proposed ticker: LBHT The concept. One of the most abundant commodities is labor, workers of all kinds offer it in exchange of monetary units or other acceptable forms of payment. Throughout History labor is...


A use case for Universal Income.

5 Jan 2020 satoshi_nakamoto

13 January 2020
It does not have to be a new coin. It may as well be a token, especially now that blockchain interoperability comes online. Learning may as well be rewarded with a stable coin pegged to national currencies. I have also developed a more complicated concept, but I leave it for another moment.

When Jesus abandoned America, or why TPTB prefer Pagan Gods

13 Jan 2020 KorbenDallas

13 January 2020
It may as well be this mania people have to think that ancient times were somehow better, looking for inspiration in their symbols. This concept may be one of the reasons Humanity is chained. Instead of trying to imagine what could be, it is mostly trying to become an outdated version of itself. See "Islam" e.g. They are convinced they are living "under God"... on 7th century rules.

Is BitTorrent Token (BTT) A Good Investment? In-depth Analysis and Near to Longer-Term Expectations

10 Jan 2020 CryptoBoomer

12 January 2020
The founders of BitTorrent were at the forefront of the effort to make cryptographic economy a reality. Peer to peer file sharing was a "trojan" deployed so as we would be able to challenge the establishment legally, socially, technologically, etc.. It allowed me to test a lot of aspects functioning as unknowns without having to reveal any crucial details about what was to come later, bitcoin, since I have been advised many times on issues coming up by the Holywood Studios and governments. Now on whether this is a good investment, it is more critical to answer the question regarding the team working on it, the vision of the leadership and their ability to deliver it. Very recently a very promising project, Hyperspace, went down because of what I suspect was poor management, lack of strategy.

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11 Jan 2020 David P.

11 January 2020
Keep us posted on the matter at hand.

Jan 7 - 2020 Introduction

8 Jan 2020 BAJA

08 January 2020
Have you planned the allocations? Each crop may benefit from the other depending on the positioning and other factors. In case you have not heard of him, research Masanobu Fukuoka's method.

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Why VPN is a must-have for crypto trading?

31 Jan 2020 2 minute read comments ChangellyOfficial

With the development of the data mining, people can be monitored everywhere, starting with surfing the web and ending with using a credit card and conducting other online transactions. However, using cryptocurrency for payment makes it possible to ke...



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