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A supporter of financial technology - digitalizing the economy. Frequent blogger on emerging tech such as blockchain, fintech, science, and all things related to technology. Pursuing a degree in Physics. Nanyang Technology University.

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Juicy discussions & news over at HYDRO TG supporters Group

1 week ago James Elijah Braganza Morillo $3.42 (1,892.2017 HYDRO)

Project Hydro important discussions A long discussion happened over at @hydrosupportersgroup, so to summarise the long discussion, here's a more formal writeup. Most of the things discussed were more of misconceptions on platforms like Molecule and t...

China Ban News on Bitcoin mining

1 week ago James Elijah Braganza Morillo $0.28 (153.7721 HYDRO)

Fig. 1. Headline Ban on BTC mining(Wolfie Zhao, 2019) These news have been recurrent in the space so just for fun, made this infinite loop of future news regarding Bitcoin bans. Repository here. If you have Spyder just copy and paste this: ==========...

1367% Up in 1 YEAR ($HYDRO)

2 weeks ago James Elijah Braganza Morillo $9.31 (5,160.4845 HYDRO)

Today marks a special day for $HYDRO as it finally has enough data to produce an annual percentage increase. To begin, HYDRO is the native token of the open sourced project, Project Hydro, and is used for utility purposes such as P2P, onboarding new...