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Why Monero (XMR) is the future Bitcoin 🚀

23 May 2020 1 minute read 0 comments FatherFreedom

CRYPTOCryptocurrencies allow quick, low cost payments to and from just about anywhere in the entire world. With crypto there are no wire money transfers or costly clearing fees, and there are certainly no several day, long periods of waiting time. Th...


High Risk or Safe Haven - What drives people towards Bitcoin around the world?

7 Jul 2019 connecteconomy

14 July 2019
Why I personally use crypto is I don't want the government spying on me and seeing my transactions. They can do that after a new law was passed about two years ago!

Uber Rides Are Now Payable In Bitcoin Thanks To The Lightning Network

11 Jul 2019 Blockspectator

14 July 2019
Now that's good news. Too bad where I live they banned Uber...

It might be your last chance to buy XRP at ~$0.30

11 Jul 2019 XRP_Gato

13 July 2019
XRP is not moving a lot, to be honest.

It might be your last chance to buy XRP at ~$0.30

11 Jul 2019 XRP_Gato

13 July 2019
Bitconnect, as Carlos Matos’s Bitconnect? Truly, my condolences, sir.

If You Are holding Ethereum, You Should Also Consider These 2 Cryptos

4 Jul 2019 Ravir3z

11 July 2019
What about Stellar? IBM are doing a collab with them, and they don’t do that often.

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