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Just a musician living here and there, who wants to dive into the crypto world ~

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The Troll's Tip // La Propina del Trol

19 Jan 2020 1 minute read 0 comments ricks165

The Troll's Tip, Ricardo A. Vera, Xiaomi MI 8. Trolls' yarn: Suddenly, the city became into a game board. 6 forgotten giants to find, and the excuse of getting artsy at overlooked nature spots. Something about sitting in the hands of this one made m...

The Tattoo of the King // El Tatuaje del Rey

17 Jan 2020 1 minute read 0 comments ricks165

The Tattoo of the King, Ricardo A. Vera, Xiaomi MI 8. When speaking about Copenhagen's canals, the first thing that comes to mind are the colorful houses of what they call "The Sunny Side". As ying and yang, there's also a zone tagged "The Shady Sid...

The Devil's Throat // La Garganta de los Infiernos

17 Jan 2020 1 minute read 5 comments ricks165

The Devil's Throat, Ricardo A. Vera, Xiaomi MI 9T. Where would you place the devil's throat if you were asked to map it? Well indeed, it already has a place in Valle del Jerte, Spain. I've already been to hell, and ironically, it's such a cold place...

The Giant Parisian Dancer // La Gigante Bailarina Parisina

16 Jan 2020 1 minute read 0 comments ricks165

The Giant Parisian Dancer, Ricardo A. Vera. Nikon Coolpix L810. Did you know that the Eiffel Tower can twerk? Gustave Eiffel and his team apparently designed it to withstand even the strongest winds, although she sways around no more than 4.5 inches...

The Phantom of Mediocrity // El Fantasma de la Mediocridad

16 Jan 2020 1 minute read 0 comments ricks165

The Phantom of Mediocrity, Ricardo A. Vera. BLU Advance 5.0. The legend states that in this Brussels' square the architect Jan van Ruysbroeck [S. XV] killed himself, right after realizing of a miscalculation that any traveler can go check out nowada...


Monetizing your music on the Blockchain, an inside view (Part 1)

16 Jan 2020 Solar Phasing

17 January 2020
Wauw! Je me sens tout à fait identifié car je suis musicien et j'essaye tout doucement de comprendre et découvrir la blockchain, etc. Ce qui est sûr et certain: c'est un univers qui a besoin de nous en tant qu'artistes autant que nous de lui pour évoluer. Bref, merci d'écrire pour des musiciens, je m'accroche pour la suite!


13 Jan 2020 Otek

17 January 2020
Wauwie, thanks! My address: 0x6DD0aD46363cd1758C0D903Ee4EDDDC3832354bb

The Devil's Throat // La Garganta de los Infiernos

17 Jan 2020 ricks165

17 January 2020
¿Puedes creer que nunca he visto la floración de los cerezos? Sé que es super popular, pero jamás he estado allí durante la época. Está bellísimo este sitio, y además es toda una aventura para llegar allí a la garganta como tal. Nos queda un montón por ver y descubrir, y es apenas una pequeña región de España, increíble! Gracias por leerme :-)

The Devil's Throat // La Garganta de los Infiernos

17 Jan 2020 ricks165

17 January 2020
Maybe there's plenty of portals to hell on earth! This one was superb for sure.

The melody of freedom

16 Jan 2020 KiBLS

17 January 2020
Lovely, danke schön!

Rosas Azules - Desorden Público Cover - Reggae, Ska & Blues Fusion

16 Jan 2020 Juan Molina

17 January 2020
¡Epa, qué buen cover! Tenía muchísimo tiempo sin escuchar a Desorden, gracias :D

Succulents by sunny windows - Infrared Macro Photography

15 Jan 2020 Solominer

15 January 2020
I really enjoy those nature infrared shoots ideas you bring to the table. Keep it up with that lovely work! :-)

Welcome to Driptorch Studio

11 Jan 2020 DriptorchStudio

15 January 2020
Lovely! I'll follow you in the artsy, crypto adventure.

Publish0x - my first withdraw of earned BAT

15 Jan 2020 Otek

15 January 2020
Thanks a lot! Very helpful for a crypto newbie like me.


13 Jan 2020 Otek

14 January 2020
8659$ is my guess!

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Solar Phasing

French experimental music composer. Long Long time Gamer. Scifi and Space fan. Comics. Kind of Geek. Crypto invester/enthousiast




Artist, Photographer, Writer, Creative Innovator, Website / Graphic Designer, & HR Manager in West Jordan, Utah. I enjoy learning new things, traveling to historic, paranormal, and abandoned locations, rock hounding, museums, technology, and the abstract.


I'm 46 years young only been in crypto since august 2019. I was born and raised in Ohio now i live in Florida. I have worked construction most of my life, now i just deliver pizza and love my job.


Photography / Music / Travel / Graphic Design / Crypto / Digital Experiments


I love to paint and play with photographs!


Nothing .hehe