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odisseo is a civil/environmental engineer. Passionate about cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, cybersecurity.

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DeFi halts its advance... what to expect now?

6 Nov 2020 2 minute read 2 comments odisseo

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has managed to carve out its position in the cryptocurrency sphere. For much of the year, when the cryptocurrency market was stalled by strong selling pressure and other global economic shifts, DeFi projects gained great...

Bitcoin dominance on the rise

6 Nov 2020 2 minute read 2 comments odisseo

Between yesterday and today there has been a significant growth in both the dominance and the price of Bitcoin. With reference to CoinMarketCap data, over the last 24 hours the dominance of BTC has even reached 66%. Percentage of Total Market Capital...

Venezuela... it is possible to buy Bitcoin on the VEX platform

6 Nov 2020 2 minute read 2 comments odisseo

The official exchange of Venezuela has recently been launched, which takes the name of VEX (Venezuela Exchange), on which users will be able to convert their cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC), into Petro (PTR) and the other w...

How does the financial market change following the US elections?

5 Nov 2020 2 minute read 0 comments odisseo

The countdown to the 2020 US presidential election is underway and the result will undoubtedly affect the future economic structure of the US and the world. In general, there is an increase in market confidence and there is a desire for overall inves...

IOHK donates $125K to Haskell Foundation

5 Nov 2020 2 minute read 0 comments odisseo

IOHK, a foundation involved in the development of the Cardano blockchain, has decided to donate $125,000 to the new Haskell Foundation. The announcement of the donation was made yesterday during the "Haskell eXchange virtual conference" event (althou...

The blockchain to guarantee the outcome of the vote

5 Nov 2020 2 minute read 0 comments odisseo

With the US elections and the endless wait for a certain result, the opportunity to use blockchain voting has returned to the fore. In fact, in these hours the USA awaits with apprehension the outcome of the electoral counting. Joe Biden seems to be...

ETH 2.0 deposit contract released

4 Nov 2020 2 minute read 1 comment odisseo

The ETH 2.0 deposit contract was released a few minutes ago. Vitalik Buterin revealed it directly, through his Twitter profile. source: https://twitter.com/VitalikButerin/status/1324018999458295809   This is version 1.0 of the Ethereum 2.0 specifica...

Incredible transaction on the Bitcoin blockchain

4 Nov 2020 2 minute read 0 comments odisseo

Yesterday a transaction was made on the Bitcoin blockchain from an inactive wallet from 2015 (and linked to Silk Road). Silk Road is the legendary dark web marketplace closed in 2014, founded by Ross Ulbricht, and involved in several processes for th...

Blockchain technology against corruption

4 Nov 2020 2 minute read 0 comments odisseo

The consultant of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) wants countries like Kenya to adopt blockchain technology (which would make it easier to track down government corruption and other economic crimes). UNODC regional anti-corruptio...

The Blockchain in the nuclear field

3 Nov 2020 3 minute read 0 comments odisseo

Since their emergence during World War II, nuclear weapons have been a global threat to the human species. The United Nations has classified them as "the most dangerous weapons on Earth". In a recent research conducted by King's College London, one o...


Polkadot: a project to follow

10 Sep 2020 odisseo

08 November 2020
@Joergo Thank you for leaving a comment and for your support! This article was the first I published on this platform. In fact, he didn't get many tips and probably got lost in the jungle of the various posts. I'm glad you enjoyed my work.

DeFi halts its advance... what to expect now?

6 Nov 2020 odisseo

08 November 2020
@Joergo Thank you for your support. I currently have a "problem" with Publish0x (which I hope to resolve soon). I am in contact with the assistance who has proved very courteous and helpful towards me.

Bitcoin dominance on the rise

6 Nov 2020 odisseo

06 November 2020
@Zinawaya Thank you for your support.

Venezuela... it is possible to buy Bitcoin on the VEX platform

6 Nov 2020 odisseo

06 November 2020
Yes. Mass adoption is expected.

Cardano: great news

8 Oct 2020 odisseo

20 October 2020
@CivilWar So ... I use Daedalus (2.3.0) on Ubuntu. I updated my previous version of Daedalus (2.2.0) to the latest available by following the instructions on the official page of the project: https://iohk.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/900000776446-Installing-Daedalus-Mainnet-on-Linux- From version 2.3.0 onwards, future updates can be installed by carrying out an internal software upgrade procedure ... without typing any command from the terminal. It must be emphasized that installing Daedalus involves downloading the entire Cardano blockchain and this takes some time. However, you have the advantage of being able to access the staking procedure and, therefore, earn ADA. Thanks for commenting.

TOP Blockchains (October 2020)

13 Oct 2020 odisseo

13 October 2020
@BlueSkyCrypto Thanks for your comment. Take a look at your website!

Investment strategies

12 Oct 2020 odisseo

13 October 2020
@Savastano It's true ... Chainlink (LINK) has had enormous growth. In mid-March the digital asset was priced at around $2, in mid-August around $19. Then it suffered a decline like the whole crypto market. In my article I have provided some general indications, precisely the investment strategies to be pursued. Thanks for your comment!

Year 2020... How much would we have earned by investing $1000 in Bitcoin?

11 Oct 2020 odisseo

11 October 2020
@Digital-Asset-Thinker Thanks for your comment. It's true ... a few years have passed and today we are witnessing a gradual mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Token NFT... from CryptoKitties to porn

9 Oct 2020 odisseo

10 October 2020
@Sergei-Nemetz Thanks for your comment. You have added other aspects to explore.

Over 106 ETH for a drawing (depicting Satoshi Nakamoto)

6 Oct 2020 odisseo

06 October 2020
@MaddCryptoDogg Thanks for your comment. I agree with you!

The blockchain explained by The Simpsons

29 Sep 2020 odisseo

29 September 2020
@BlueSkyCrypto Thanks for the comment and for tips on faucets!

BitTorrent Token: insights

27 Sep 2020 odisseo

28 September 2020
@jkv222 I'm glad you found this information useful. Thanks for your comment.

Deposit processing times

20 Sep 2020 odisseo

21 September 2020
@morefreedom4u The low speed of the network will certainly limit its application.

Deposit processing times

20 Sep 2020 odisseo

21 September 2020
@Saviour4real Thanks for your comment. Sharing knowledge is the purpose of a resource like publish0x.com

Brave: The privacy paradox.

19 Sep 2020 MadMaxx

19 September 2020
Excellent considerations ... I fully agree with your observations.

Dash (Digital Cash): a quick look

18 Sep 2020 odisseo

19 September 2020
@Cryptozeug Thanks for your comment.

Long term altcoins portfolio

17 Sep 2020 odisseo

18 September 2020
@sumanaparamee Thanks for your comment. I invite you to read my considerations regarding XLM.

Long term altcoins portfolio

17 Sep 2020 odisseo

17 September 2020
@benwehrman Thanks for your comment. I agree with the decision to bet also on Chainlink (LINK).

Monero mining: a simple guide

13 Sep 2020 odisseo

13 September 2020
I thank everyone who tipped my article.

Monero mining: a simple guide

13 Sep 2020 odisseo

13 September 2020
@TechnicallyProduct Thanks for your comment! You have to consider the initial cost of the hardware, the price of electricity, etc.. Assuming you already have a PC, for example with AMD Ryzen 9 3900X CPU, 12-Core processor, you can get about 12.000 h/s, XMR - RandomX (xmrig) algorithm, and assuming a cost for electricity equal to 0.1 $/KWh results in a monthly profit of around $15. You can check if the mining experience is profitable by consulting this site: https://whattomine.com/coins/101-xmr-randomx

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