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Did you known you can pay a beer or a coffee with crypto? I tell you how

23 Aug 2019 1 minute read 0 comments ncaeiro

2gether global is the first collaborative banking platform that let you managed your money, fiat and crypto, only with an App and a prepaid card. In order to pay and/or withdraw money all you need to do is: 1. Download the app and setup an account he...

BTC, ETH, cryptocurrencies ... WTF?! A Simple Step-by-Step to Getting Started

25 Jul 2019 1 minute read 0 comments ncaeiro

Most people I talk about cryptocurrencies, blockchain projects find it interesting and usefull. They just don't know how to start. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to start. 1. Get a crypto wallet. Download a crypto wallet from AppStore or PlaySto...

The Terra Foundation Project

23 Jul 2019 1 minute read 5 comments ncaeiro

Intro The Terra Foundation idea start some years ago. Bring digital assets to the unbanked people around the world. And there’s many people that are neglected from technology improvements and achievements. Dan and Terra team started building a paymen...


The Ultimate Guide on Creating Your First NFT on Rarible (And Selling it)

8 Oct 2020 Ed-california

08 October 2020
Thanks Ed. That’s the article I was looking forward. Cheers

NFTs: Where To Find Them and Sell for Profit 

23 Sep 2020 Ed-california

24 September 2020
Hi Ed. Interesting article. I’m trying to catchup with NTFs and have 2 CryptoKitties Back from 2018 which worth’s nothing nowadays 😀. From your article above, you talked about 2 places where we can buy and sell NTFs. My question is, how an artist converts an art to an NTF so that he can sel it in these markets? Thanks. Cheers

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14 Feb 2020 banano

14 February 2020
you guys rock! ban_1afqx97xczt9kiku66ufr18fu5tftkqway3u3ewp1tqod7aboj6zgjhqrk3c

Reggae, Rasta & Marijuana

15 Dec 2019 Juan Molina

16 December 2019
Positive vibrations, mate. ✌️

Paypal Sucks! - Decentralized Platforms Rule!

19 Nov 2019 Juan Molina

21 November 2019
Quite true, my friend. It’s the same finantial system with different faces. I truly hope that blockchain and decentralization will succeed

10 simple rules of avoiding cryptocurrency scams

16 Sep 2019 viraladmin

17 September 2019
Thanks, mate. Really good. Hope it prevent some to be scammed. Cheers

6 Key Happenings in BAT/Brave Ecosystem You Might Have Recently Missed

12 Sep 2019 Ed-california

12 September 2019
Thanks Ed for letting us know 👍

Rarotonga (Cubierta) - Ska / Reggae / Son Fusion - Tunestoken - Reggasteem

5 Sep 2019 Juan Molina

05 September 2019
I love Reggae. A fan of Bob Marley :)


4 Sep 2019 Jeffrey Allen Kaufman

04 September 2019
I'm using Trust for a while and i'm loving it!

Comprehensive List of Banks using Blockchain Technology

28 Aug 2019 Mappo

28 August 2019
No idea that the list it's so huge.

Making money without going broke in cryptocurrency

22 Aug 2019 viraladmin

23 August 2019
Thank you very much for your great article. I was scammed and did pretty much all the mistakes you talked here. I’ve taking much care when choosing a project. I believe this one fits the requirements you are talking about: . Community based; . Already listed on some exchanges; . Already have a working product; . Very compromised with milestones; Fill free to have a look: Cheers

My Journey with Brave after a month of using (detailed report)

21 Aug 2019 qsyal

22 August 2019
Great article. I'm a fan of Brave as well. Cheers.

New Zealand Inland Revenue Department Now Allows Wages to be Paid in Crypto

13 Aug 2019 BlockchainSEO

13 August 2019
Great step for crypto world. I believe many countries will follow. The question is: what crypto coin to choose? I can’t choose one, although I would consider BTC, ETH and NEO. If the salary was partially paid, I would consider ADA, FREE or CREDIT.

It Amazes Me How Massively Undervalued MakerDAO (MKR) Is

25 Jul 2019 h00li

26 July 2019
Cheers, mate. I’ll have a look.👍

It Amazes Me How Massively Undervalued MakerDAO (MKR) Is

25 Jul 2019 h00li

26 July 2019
Could you provide the links and/or wallets to this platform, please? I would like to have alook. Thanks.


26 Jul 2019 Jeffrey Allen Kaufman

26 July 2019
Certainly FUD plays a big role on crypto markets and others as well. It's a weapon for those who are scared that a great idea or project overcome what they have. When you invest your money its hard tto fight against FUD. I'll do my best.

The Terra Foundation Project

23 Jul 2019 ncaeiro

24 July 2019
Thanks for registering. No need. Just login with your username/password.

Crypto: Hope for Venezuela?

24 Jul 2019 Juan Molina

24 July 2019
I also believe that crypto could play a big role role improving peoples lives. All you described also applies to many countries. Maybe we see some practical benefits in 5 years. All the best for Venezuela.

The Terra Foundation Project

23 Jul 2019 ncaeiro

24 July 2019
i've been following the project and the team for a while, and they released the payment service this week (tellus-pay) and are setting up merchants who previously joinned. For now, there's an ongoing campaign for South Africa merchants.

Privacy Vs Control Freaks - What's Wrong With KYC? (Know Your Customer).

24 Jul 2019 Andy Savage

24 July 2019
Great article. I wonder how crypto community will deal with this incongruity between KYC "compliant" and the values of privacy and freedom that leads blockchanis and crypto development. Thanks for sharing.

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The Ultimate Guide on Creating Your First NFT on Rarible (And Selling it)

8 Oct 2020 6 minute read comments Ed-california

Rarible is a dApp on the Ethereum network that allows artists to create unique Digital Art as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), which exist on the Ethereum blockchain. It also provides a marketplace for users and artists to buy and sell different unique di...

Forever Loving Jah - Bob Marley Cover

2 Oct 2020 1 minute read comments Juan Molina

    My music, my style, my genre: Reaggae + Ska.   I want to share my passion with you. I am sure many of you love the Jamaican-born musical style. This time I bring a video of my rehearsals in the interpretation of one of Robert (Bob) Nesta Mar...

Publish0x New Feature is now Available!!!

29 Jan 2020 1 minute read comments Otek

Did You notice that on Publish0x there is now a new feature? Under every post You Can find a new like/dislike option:   Once You selected like or dislike option You need to select one of then. It can't be unselected again. Also it is possible to set...


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