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Research and writer interested in blockchain projects that will add to the social good. Regular contributor to Hacker Noon, blockdelta.io and more.

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Mina Down

Pi Network - The First Digital Currency You Can Mine on Your Phone

6 days ago 2 minute read Mina Down $0.19 tipped

TL;DR: Pi is a new digital currency developed by a group of Stanford PhDs. To join the beta and earn Pi follow this link and use the invitation code "starter"   The Accessibility of Cryptocurrencies In the early days of Bitcoin, only a few people wer...

Three Altcoin Prospects to Check Out for Now for 2020

1 week ago 4 minute read Mina Down $0.99 tipped

The cryptocurrency world has seen many ups and downs, and there are certainly more to come. But now the latest “crypto winter” is over and a “crypto spring” has begun. In other words, cryptocurrency markets are heating up again. This makes it a good...

A Quick Guide to Automated Bot Trading

3 weeks ago 6 minute read Mina Down $0.89 tipped

It is possible to have the crypto assets you’re holding right now generate passive income through bot trading. Even small investments can be profitable.   TL;DR: Access free grid-trading bots here.   Introducing Grid-Trading Bots The concept of a ‘g...

How New Technology is Turning the Global Energy Market Green

15 Aug 2019 4 minute read Mina Down $0.16 tipped

Blockchain consortium to develop a transactive energy system to power a fleet of electric vehicles and charging stations in Toronto, Canada.   Modern life is energy-intensive and the demand for more energy is rising exponentially. At the same time, t...

Digitex Futures develops an industry first liquidation model that benefits active traders

4 Jul 2019 2 minute read Mina Down $1.06 tipped

Digitex Ltd, a world-first commission-free non-custodial futures exchange with its own native DGTX token unveils a liquidation model that benefits active traders and marks a first for the cryptocurrency industry. All futures exchanges must h...

TokenCard the First Ethereum-Powered Banking Alternative Launches on iOS App Store with DAI Promotion for First 1,000 Users

27 Jun 2019 1 minute read Mina Down $1.08 tipped

  If you’re looking to cut your ties to big banks and corporations, TokenCard, the first ever Ethereum-powered banking alternative is giving you the tools to do it. Launching today on the iOS App Store in the UK and EEA, TokenCard allows you to live...

Tokoin Partners with TomoChain to Provide Blockchain Data Leveraging for Emerging Markets

18 Jun 2019 2 minute read Mina Down $1.07 tipped

New partnership will deliver data management solutions as well as token issuance and integration for businesses Tokoin, a blockchain data leveraging platform serving small businesses in emerging markets, has teamed up with TomoChain to deliver a secu...

Onchain Custodian Partners with BabelFinance to Provide Institutional Players With Storage and Investment Products

13 Jun 2019 2 minute read Mina Down $1.04 tipped

Onchain Custodian (ONC), the Singapore-based digital assets custody service provider, has teamed up with BabelFinance, formerly BabelBank, to deliver a secure custody solution to store its digital assets while allowing its own customers to buy BabelF...

NEO Announces $100 million USD Ecosystem Boost Fund at Consensus

5 Jun 2019 2 minute read Mina Down $0.02 tipped

Press Release from NEO - June 5, 2019 At Consensus 2019 in New York, NEO unveiled its new US$100 million EcoBoost fund designed to drive ecosystem growth and development. NEO also outlined various initiatives in its pursuit of making NEO the most dev...

Five Ways to Use Blockchain in Your Everyday Life

5 Jun 2019 4 minute read Mina Down $1.01 tipped

The volatility in cryptocurrency prices might be stressful to some traders, but those who follow the underlying technology of the blockchain are more excited than ever as new and more practical use cases are being developed.   Digital Currency is Onl...