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Writer interested in blockchain projects that will add to the social good. Regular contributor to Hacker Noon, Coin360, blockdelta.io and more.

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How to Determine if a Cryptocurrency is a Security or Not Using the Howey Test

2 days ago Mina Down $0.02 (6.5197 BNTY)

We hear a lot about the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the US potentially regulating ICOs and possibly declaring some coins and tokens securities. We even hear of potential security-laws violations in the past months. However, how do we te...

Eight Cryptocurrency Projects to Watch in 2019

6 days ago Mina Down $0.02 (5.8766 BNTY)

With over 2000 thousand options for altcoins out there, it’s hard to figure out which have the most promise. It takes quite a bit of research, and even then there are frauds to beware of and advice from people motivated by greed and promoting their p...

How to Avoid Two of the Most Common Cryptocurrency Scams

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  Don’t Blame the Victim If you’ve spent time in cryptocurrency communities you know there are many scams out there. You’ve probably also heard people say only "noobs" fall for scams, or that victims somehow deserve to lose their coins because they a...