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Publish0x Tutorials- Withdraw BAT, DAI- Swap it to ETH and trade ETH for a vast list of fiat across the globe with country-specific fiat options.

17 Feb 2020 6 minute read comments milaan

When you publish a post in Publish0x, you are tipped with ERC20 tokens like BAT, DAI, HYDRO, etc. Then you request for withdrawal of these tokens, which are processed and transferred by Publish0x to your ETH wallet on every Monday. There are many typ...

Publish0x Tutorials- Cost effective exchange of BAT to ETH & to INR(for Indian users in Publish0x)

15 Feb 2020 4 minute read comments milaan

A publisher earns BAT, DAI, HYDRO (all are ERC-20 tokens) in Publish0x by publishing posts. Most of the earnings in Publish0x is in BAT tokens. The publishers then withdraw it to their ETH wallet and subsequently convert into local currency using sui...

Neoxian Bank- Provably a better bank to take a loan as compared to any smart contract based lending platforms

15 Jan 2020 13 minute read comments milaan

The decentralized economy has been establishing itself slowly with the growing crypto ecosystem. The blockchain is the foundation to realize a decentralized economy, where the role of a traditional centralized bank is nullified. The monopoly of loa...

Technical Analysis of EOS/USD- 06/01/2020

7 Jan 2020 3 minute read comments milaan

EOS/USD is now trading at 2.78 and is trading sideways at the moment. But in the larger time frame (1D Chart), the pair seems like building the base above 2.20 level and in the coming days, weeks or months we may see a sustained bull run above this l...

ProximaX- A next generation blockchain protocol with dynamic service layer that offers flexibility, ease of adoption, integration, speed & cost-efficiency.

4 Jan 2020 22 minute read comments milaan

Everything in this world is in a process of evolution. It is a natural process. When it comes to the evolution of technology, then this evolution is distinctly visible as a technological domain is a fast-changing & rapidly upgrading domain. When it...

What new quantity of the cryptocurrency STEEM is created each day in Steem Blockchain?

3 Jan 2020 1 minute read comments milaan

In order to calculate the quantity of STEEM that is being created each day in Steem Blockchain, it is necessary to have the data like inflation, the total virtual supply of STEEM, the number of blocks produced per year, etc. The inflation figure as o...

Technical Analysis of BAT/USD & possible scenario - 30/12/2019

30 Dec 2019 2 minute read comments milaan

BAT/USD is now trading at 0.198 and is looking bullish. This pair from last three days has been trading in the positive territory making higher high and higher low. The candle stick pattern is also suggesting that at least in the short to medium term...

Get the Payout report of a Steem user for any period you specify in Steem Blockchain.

30 Dec 2019 1 minute read comments milaan

You can check the customized payout report of a Steem user for any period that you specify. Just use this tool, enter the Steem username, enter the period for which you want to check the earning of a Steem user. You can customize this earning report...

Understanding Debt Ratio in Steem Blockchain- Analysis of Debt Ratio & its effect on Post Payout.

29 Dec 2019 2 minute read comments milaan

A post payout is determined on the basis of proof-of-brain in Steem blockchain where the users of the community determine the post value in a decentralized way by exercising their Steem Power(staked STEEM). The Author reward and the Curator reward sh...

Gath3r- A perfect decentralized solution for web monetization (opt-in, non-invasive) with smart web miner for Blockchains, merged mining, etc.

28 Dec 2019 11 minute read comments milaan

Introduction The business giant like Google, Facebook, and many others have been collecting the user's data, compiling them and all those data are being socially engineered & sold for monetary gain. All these are being done without the consent of use...