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25 Aug 2019 1 minute read 2 comments louden

This is one of my favourite tunes Zeo has done. It re-ignited my love for grime and british underground music. Take a listen and feel the vibes   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmGc_0LXTEI   Head on over to YouTube for more, or visit www.ZeoZeonard...

Digital Farming-Building a Cryptocurrency Portfolio without Investment

31 May 2019 3 minute read 0 comments louden

Digital Farming-Crypto Portfolio Without investment Hey guys.... so I wanted to get into crypto and alt-coins, but had no capital as I was not working. after trying mining on a basic laptop and android phone I found it was taking ages and yielding fr...

Boost Your Personal Trainer Client Base!!!

7 May 2019 5 minute read 3 comments louden

In many respects as a personal trainer you are your client’s lifeline. Lifeline to social interaction, lifeline to exercise, life line to getting back to normal daily function,  lifeline to that physique they’ve craved for so long... You get the pict...


Diego Armando Maradona: A football legend dies at 60.

25 Nov 2020 Paraguanads

26 November 2020
No Carlos Tevez or Javier zanetti, good write though. Shock to football

The beauty of Trump

20 Nov 2020 stevea68

20 November 2020
Dude i get what your saying but this guy did not stand for this, he stood for trump and his brand and legacy. how is he showing you you can do or be anything, he came from money so again no money no rise in america( capitalism rules) and he Capitalised on pepole, division and lies. turned the saying propaganda into fake news so he could spout rubbish and not be jailed now the term or act of propaganda does not exist. He is single handedly destroying americas freedom and democracy..... I really would like to know your reasons or proof for believing this? The slavery statement is way off base.... if you believe the is no slavery you are well and truely decieved by the deception. You give up your time to go and work for someone else, make them millions and bonus', pay taxes on taxes which is illegal by rights of the constitution. and fooled into thinking you are free to choose what you do with your money.... But you have to eat. you "have" to have a car to get to work etc, your bombarded with signs and symbols all vying and fighting for your ideology to the point where you go to work so you can buy Nike when its not different from target.... comes out the same factory in indonesia, thailand or china.... Have a look into some Symbology and read some Beaudrillard and the Simulacra. Still tipped you though as all is food for thought, and judgement cannot be passed until all parties tell their stories. Peace and love

Fetus nation of creams

29 Oct 2020 Remedy

29 October 2020
olay been doing this since 70's

🔥 We all will talk in Satoshis!

10 Oct 2020 resiliencia

10 October 2020
Funny you should say this, when conversing with all my friend i measure in satoshi and they cant follow me until i say £ or $ lol

What song reminds you of school?

9 Oct 2020 MariusAriton

09 October 2020
Yes.... Coolio was a big school song, Lutricia McNeal-Stranded that was a big one, and Mr Vein or most Ace of Base

Portuguese castels - Castel of Leiria

29 Sep 2020 portugal

29 September 2020
I went there with my parents about 17 years ago. Its amazing, the town is nice too

Aequale "quasi una Fantasia" [Philip Daniel; 2020] [SCROLLING SCORE]

25 Jul 2020 PhilipDaniel

26 July 2020
Hi, My father claims himself an ethno-musi-ologist... he would love a read of your stuff being a 3 time graduate of music. I will show him some. Keep it coming!

The Curious Case of Crypto.com: "Two Sides of the Same Coin or Truly Different?

21 Jul 2020 thunderboltkid

21 July 2020
bit of a long one lol, but a really good read

Stakedwallet, a fat ponzi sheme

6 Jun 2020 yanis

06 June 2020
I agree, been caught once, never again. Too good to be true=not true

Bitcoin is the America of Cryptocurrency

3 May 2020 Tank

03 May 2020
I agree, in terms of what it can do/can be done using/with it, its pretty much outdated

Legit Crypto Websites 2020 (With Proof of Payments)- Part 1

1 Mar 2020 Schire

01 March 2020
be careful with coinpot my friend! I used to use it, i deposited £15 of litecoin from another wallet as coinpot was my accumulation site. They banned me for being suspcious and cheating and took all my earnings plus all my external deposits. All together they took around £20(about $30)...... I was using it for around a year

3 tips for more successful crypto trading.

31 Jan 2020 MadMaxx

31 January 2020
I agree. There are loads of people out there selling all these trading courses for hundreds of £$ claiming to teach maximum porfit trading every trade daily with 45 indicators all over the place telling me all this contradictory madness like they dont really understand it themselves. Someone actually telling you how it is at last, not just trying to make a buck off your lack of experience.

How Crypto Saved My Family

29 Jan 2020 Ken(Crypto Reporters)

29 January 2020
Touching story man. Hope all is good/better now. Thats what life is about, making impacts on other lives and crypto can help. Peace & One Love Jah Rastafari

Best Staking Coins For 2020

14 Jan 2020 TrixTrade

14 January 2020
Nice post man. I've been staking for a little over a year now just from faucets. Some coins i'd not heard of on here or tried staking, thanks for the insight bro. Peace

The War Pigs Are Finally Revealing Themselves...And This Is Just The Beginning

11 Jan 2020 medicineman9

11 January 2020
very goo dread bro. my dad has said the same things from day 0. also the destruction of the american constitution. it will need to be re-written after Trump

Earn crypto passively. No deposit required.

9 Jan 2020 MadMaxx

09 January 2020
just signed up under your ref link bro. Had a look round the site. Seems cool man thanks for the insight. Peace

TrustSearch: Could Major Search Engines Do It Better?

6 Jan 2020 TrustUnion

08 January 2020
baudrilard would love this, realisation of the hyper-reality and the clash it has with reality

Coinpot and its Faucets

5 Jul 2019 Nova

05 July 2019
Be very wary of coinpot!!!! I had an account fro 6months plus. They had an update, when it finished i was banned, no correspondence from them. Said i was fraudeulent, all i did was sign in everyday once and claim. Thing is i just deposited £15 of btc in there????? then banned for cheating lol. still have around $40 in there that i cannot touch

Boost Your Personal Trainer Client Base!!!

7 May 2019 louden

31 May 2019
Not possible to do some of these, or not possible to be a personal trainer? These are not the be all and end all (only ways). You just have to be creative and imaginative in your approach friend. You can start a fitness group at a local green space/garden/garage with friends/family and charge small fee for your time and knowledge! One love

Liked Articles

Stakenet (XSN) - Quick Overview

2 Dec 2020 3 minute read comments boyka

In this new entry i will talk about a cryptocurrency project that i just found about, Stakenet (XSN). I was really impressed by this project and will give you a quick overview about Stakenet and XSN. Since i just recently found this, i will keep this...

My routine to earn money passively

1 Dec 2020 1 minute read comments Tobares2001

A few days ago I realized that there are thousands of tools to get money passively. Let's say you can have a bonus as soon as you get used to following a daily routine. 1. The first thing I do as soon as I get up is to enter Publish0x and read an art...

Publish0x Payouts in AMPL? + Projects I'm bullish on (UNISWAP)

24 Nov 2020 1 minute read comments Jack, MN

It appears publish0x will being paying out in Ampleforth! https://www.ampleforth.org/ https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/ampleforth  Ampleforth (AMPL) is a cryptocurrency protocol with an elastic supply based on market demand the supply can increase...

OFFICIAL: Ethereum 2.0 will be launched on Dec. 1st, as deposit contract passes threshold required for Phase 0

24 Nov 2020 1 minute read comments MakeItReal

Hello Hodlers! Finally here we are! The deposit contract that receives ETH Validators' deposits has exceeded the threshold of 524,288 Ethereum required to lauch the Proof Of Stake mainnet. The threshold was reached on November 24th at 2am UTC, acccor...

Bitcoin is going to ZERO! or not...

22 Nov 2020 1 minute read comments Dpl

US$ Going to Zero - It Has Already Happened One of the funniest videos circulating the web is one of an old fart yelling that Bitcoin is going to Zero! See the video below. Kind of funny to think that the one thing he measures his wealth in, which i...


19 Nov 2020 2 minute read comments Wolf2015

When I was a boy, I spent countless hours in front of the computer monitor and television playing strategy games. I played Starcraft, Command and Conquer, Warcraft-Orcs and Humans, Warcraft II-Tides of Darkness, and even Warcraft III both reign of ch...

Learn about Cryptocurrency

18 Nov 2020 1 minute read comments Buzzbeeg

Having quality news sources and training material is essential for cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency market changes everyday and what was true a year ago isn't true anymore. A year ago, I had never heard of Polkadot; now it' number 8 on Coinmarketc...

Freaking Harvest Finance - easy or hard to think with a giant yellow pyramid on one's head??

16 Nov 2020 5 minute read comments Dave Sawyer

Cryptofans we love you, thanks for changing the world in the only way that's taking any power at all away from the central governments.  Harvest Finance, it's a wonderful tool for agricultural schools.  Wait, it's a yield farm of yield farms token ex...


13 Nov 2020 1 minute read comments Jack, MN

gny.io (price $0.051 on 11/13) 11/13/2020  Project Overview GNY is now trading on the ETH network! GNY is a blockchain with a specific goal in mind, DATA, and how that DATA can be used by an array of markets for “impact solutions” that can be both pr...



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