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Raye Keslensky

UX Engineer, 'Last Res0rt' Cartoonist, Cyberpunk, so-called Badass. K3SLE. She/Her. http://patreon.com/lastres0rt

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Raye Keslensky

Using Animal Crossing to Explain Aelf

13 May 2020 4 minute read comments Raye Keslensky

The metaphors for cryptocurrency in Animal Crossing don't stop with Turnips!     Over the past few weeks I've dived deeper into the online markets for Animal Crossing. These "grey markets" trade everything from DIY recipes to other villagers. They ha...

I Spent Eighteen Hours Trying to Earn $5 on Loopring.io. Here's What Happened.

25 Apr 2020 5 minute read comments Raye Keslensky

Are you more of a hacker, or a gamer? Back in my hackerspace days, someone asked me how Bitcoin worked. I explained it using Turnips and Bells in Animal Crossing: 1. You use Bells to buy Turnips. 2. You have a few days to check in with the market (in...