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I'm fascinated by the integration of blockchain technology into every aspect of daily life.

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$3+ Daily Profits With Axie Infinity In Less Than 1 Hour With SLP

28 Nov 2020 egamersio

28 November 2020
Can you please edit the price you wrote? It is very misleading, the price is currently 2.6 cents, not 26 cents.

A Deep Dive into

27 Nov 2020 Zirbo

28 November 2020
I haven't used the loan capability. I'm not too sure that its even available for US residents. If it is, I feel that it may only be for Rose Gold/Icy holders. I as well love the rate I get from my BAT tokens that I accrue not only from here, but by using the Brave Browser on 5 devices.

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27 Nov 2020 Zirbo

27 November 2020
If you don't look at your staked CRO as an investment, and more as a premium to use the card, its quite lucrative. I staked 10,000 CRO for Indigo and am grandfathered into that. I've already made the difference of what my stake has lost in value via cashback, and earn rates, plus I get the free netflix & spotify. Sometimes I spend the CRO from cashback & interest from stake on gift cards or sell it for btc/eth. Unfortunately I don't get the liberty of using the exchange and defi platform as I'm a US resident.

Yesterday I won $ 99.79 on sports betting.

17 Nov 2020 mikowsky743

19 November 2020
What website do you use to wager? I use nitrogensports for btc wagering

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