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Welcoming Steemians on LBRY

4 Mar 2020 1 minute read 0 comments jsigwart

Steem in Trouble? Steem, a blockchain-based social network, has seen substantial turmoil over the last several weeks. For background and why this matters, you can read this CoinDesk article: Why Crypto Should Care About Justin Sun’s Steem Drama. But...

Hello! Hola! Merhaba! LBRY Eclipse for Android Brings Internationalization and More

14 Dec 2019 1 minute read 0 comments jsigwart

Meet LBRY Eclipse for Android Today, LBRY releases LBRY Eclipse, the premier mobile app for the LBRY network. Download from Play Store or direct download. The biggest change with Eclipse is an introduction for multi-language support. At launch, it co...

[LBRY] Scammer Revolts gives us raging justice boners as he turns the table on would be swindlers.

12 Dec 2019 1 minute read 0 comments jsigwart

  Is there anything more satisfying than seeing a would-be con-artist get his comeuppance? Other than being paid to work the word comeuppance into newsletters, we submit no. The recipe is simple, but like a croissant, is still delicious:...

LBRY Offers YouTubers a Safe Haven from YouTube Censorship and Demonetization

7 Dec 2019 1 minute read 1 comment jsigwart

On December 10, YouTube's new Terms of Service go into effect. With this new change, Google can terminate all or part of your Google services if they decide you are no longer "commercially viable" for them. Specifically: “Terminations by YouTube for...


Official BananoJob #7: BANANO Airdrop to all LBRY users (100k BAN)!

11 Aug 2020 banano

12 August 2020
You can now embed LBRY videos in Publish0x - I will have to make a post about that. No need to use YouTube here!

Crypto Lending On Nexo & Blockfi

3 Aug 2020 Scott Cunningham

03 August 2020
Why did you split up your $ across several stable coins? Or are those just the coins you had on hand? You're getting the same return whether you use one or multiple stable coins. I have a small amount in Nexo, and I have much more in mStable (which is a DeFi ETH contract and not a custody service like BlockFi or Nexo).

LBRY will Surprise everyone.

11 Jul 2020 TheProfessor

13 July 2020
Thanks for your feedback. We're making LBRY every day, but it's true that YouTube does have more than a decade head start on us! Additionally, since it's decentralized, there are issues unique to blockchain that provide a number of challenges. We're continually working to make videos stream faster, and we're always receptive to user feedback. Please let me know if there are any questions you'd like answered about LBRY.

Official BananoJob #6: BANANO Airdrop to all Publish0x users (200k BAN)!

11 Jul 2020 banano

12 July 2020
go banano! ban_3f5jk51ah5cmrc6ike8oi5s5mt5ciu877fab34kj8rpycpcn9ua6sqe3nt1y

Eco Sailing and Crypto

27 Jun 2020 Captain Fin

28 June 2020
Theoretically something like this is totally doable. You could create a Yacht token on Ethereum or Tezos that represents an ownership in the business. The more Yacht token you hold, the more dividends you get plus more discounts for your travel. I'd love to invest in something like this! Even if it's a tiny bit, it would be cool to say "I own part of a yacht!"

Top 10 Crypto Youtube Channels

14 Jun 2020 costanza

16 June 2020
I'm surprised there are any crypto folks left on YouTube as they keep cracking down on crypto content. Bitcoin.com's channel was the most recent victim of having their account terminated... for no reason. Thankfully Bitcoin.com and many other crypto creators can be found on LBRY.tv, where you can also earn LBRY Credits (LBC) for publishing and watching videos and other content. There is even a Chrome extension that will redirect you from YouTube if the creator is on LBRY.

Why LBRY Is Winning Right Now

20 May 2020 Scott Cunningham

29 May 2020
You should be able to unless you're not reward approved.

Why LBRY Is Winning Right Now

20 May 2020 Scott Cunningham

22 May 2020
Niko Storni of our team is Swiss Italian, and I think an Italian language channel would be great. We're glad you're using LBRY and please let us know if you have any feedback to share.

Why LBRY Is Winning Right Now

20 May 2020 Scott Cunningham

22 May 2020
What is your first language? We do want to make LBRY more friendly for content that is not in English.

Why LBRY Is Winning Right Now

20 May 2020 Scott Cunningham

22 May 2020
We just released a native rewrite for Android. Check it out here: https://lbry.tv/@lbry:3f/2020-0518devnews:a

Why LBRY Is Winning Right Now

20 May 2020 Scott Cunningham

22 May 2020
We'd be glad to help troubleshoot and help you out. Our email is help@lbry.com.

Why LBRY Is Winning Right Now

20 May 2020 Scott Cunningham

22 May 2020
Thanks for your feedback. What country are you in? We're continually working on making the LBRY network faster. Additionally, we're working on better content discovery tools (ie, quality management as you put it) and tools for creators. We have grown a huge amount over the last few months, and we've had a flood of new content. We want it to be better as well - it just takes work.

New to Crypto? Use the Blockchain's Money Before Investing Your Own

12 May 2020 BlockchainAuthor

13 May 2020
LBRY is a great project where you can get a lot of free LBC in the app, including a daily reward for watching any video at all on the network. Only catch is to earn the rewards, you do a basic account verification (necessary because of scammers trying to make multiple accounts).

DLive Migrates Blockchains For The Third Time

5 Jan 2020 Scott Cunningham

06 January 2020
LBRY is decentralized. If you watch videos on lbry.tv, that's a web viewer (centralized) that serves content from the LBRY network (decentralized). With the LBRY network, you could create an app or browser to view any content you wish to view that's published on the LBRY blockchain.

Giving Back to Publish0x - Free Udemy Course

13 Dec 2019 The Part Time Economist

15 December 2019
Fantastic! Let me know if you'd like a custom code for LBC to give out to your course subscribers. :)

Giving Back to Publish0x - Free Udemy Course

13 Dec 2019 The Part Time Economist

13 December 2019
You should sync your YouTube channel to LBRY, which is fully decentralized, and you can earn LBC from folks watching your content. See https://lbry.com/youtube for more info.

Publish0x vs Lbry.com

3 May 2019 Turtle_Girl

03 November 2019
The answers to most questions can be found at: https://lbry.com/faq. One of our users has created a number of tutorial videos here: https://beta.lbry.tv/@Premium-Trends:4 Hope this helps!

Publish0x vs Lbry.com

3 May 2019 Turtle_Girl

26 October 2019
I don't think this is a very good review as you're not comparing like technologies. Publish0x appears to be a centralized blogging platform whereas LBRY is a decentralized file sharing platform. It's possible you might want to use LBRY to host media that you want to link in your Publish0x articles. Additionally, LBRY does have a web based client in beta right now at https://beta.lbry.tv. Check it out! :)

Shocking Github Data Reveals the True State of Many Blockchain Projects

23 Oct 2019 Mappo

25 October 2019
Proud to see LBRY (LBC) sitting at the top of Github activity! Hoping more folks become aware of this project.

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