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Skin in the game since 2013. Perpetual gem hunter and crypto optimist :) Experienced as a freelance writer and marketer for numerous projects and news sites over the course of my stay in the space.

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Using Endor Protocol and Algowave to Predict Future ERC20 Prices

3 weeks ago jeffthebaker $6.30 (1,923.3224 BNTY)

In my last blog post, I introduced one of my favorite projects I've been following for close to a year now, Endor Protocol. In that post, I alluded to a very intriguing function of Endor that I use personally- price predictions for Ethereum tokens. I...

Predictive Analytics: What it Means, Why it Matters, and How Endor Protocol does it better than IBM and all Others

3 weeks ago jeffthebaker $6.74 (2,057.9823 BNTY)

Big data. If you've spent some time online or anywhere in modern society within the past couple of years, you've probably heard the term thrown around. If you're involved in communications in the crypto space, you've probably also heard the dangers o...