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24 Aug 2020 Dzoelx

25 August 2020
Axie is a great game. A team of 3 axies and you play to earn slp. Slp is the token used for breeding your axies. Easy money! However that being said the real profit is in the axies themselves, mystic axies being the most valuable, floor starting around 1.5 eth a pop. Regular axie floor starts around .035 currently. Then there is also the land game which is on the horizen as well. Prices starting there at around .115. Tons of stuff going on with axie!

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Day 6! 2 Dollars

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Ok, today is day 6, it is a big day we will be withdrawing money from publish0x and CoinPot. I was actually scared this morning that I might not get my publish0x coins because, when my withdrawal request was accepted it was 3:03 on Monday in where ev...

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