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A Brief Guide to Advanced Smart Contracts

21 Jun 2020 6 minute read 0 comments falconite

The roaring popularity of blockchain technology owes a great deal to the brilliance of smart contracts. Conceptualized by computer scientist Nick Szabo in 1994, a smart contract can be considered to be a set of instructions (usually in the form of a...

MiPasa - Blockchain's Answer to COVID-19

28 Mar 2020 6 minute read 0 comments falconite

‘Corona virus’ (or COVID-19 as it is formally known) is the foremost topic on everyone’s mind today. Scanning our social media feed or checking the official website to stay updated with the latest news regarding the disease has almost become second n...

Blockchain & Music - An Unlikely Union

26 Mar 2020 7 minute read 4 comments falconite

Blockchain technology has been silently creeping into different industries, solving problems through the resourceful use of smart contracts. For example, retail chain giant Walmart has partnered with IBM to use their blockchain infrastructure and imp...

Decentralized Internet: From Sitcom to Reality

26 Mar 2020 10 minute read 10 comments falconite

Viewers of popular HBO sitcom Silicon Valley would already be familiar with the idea of Decentralized Internet. Termed as the ‘new Internet’ in the series, the lead characters conceive a decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) network built using smartphone...

Decentralized Internet and Tachyon Protocol

25 Mar 2020 8 minute read 0 comments falconite

Internet censorship is a contentious topic all over the world today. While some advocate it as a safety net restricting access to the dark and illegal portions of the internet, others consider it to be merely a tool used by governments and authoritie...

Supernode Proof of Stake, the Next Generation of PoS

24 Mar 2020 10 minute read 0 comments falconite

One of the most important aspects of any blockchain network is the consensus algorithm that is used to validate transactions. In centralized systems like Visa and MasterCard, transactions are verified by a host of authorities. On the other hand, in a...

The Future of Identity Management using Blockchain

24 Mar 2020 6 minute read 0 comments falconite

Remember that episode from The Office where Jim pranks Dwight by dressing up as him and copying his mannerisms? Remember how Dwight retorts “Identity theft is not a joke, Jim! Millions of families suffer every year.” We viewers had possibly taken thi...

Blockchain & The 4th Industrial Revolution

23 Mar 2020 6 minute read 1 comment falconite

The magic wand of blockchain technology has touched our lives in multiple ways over the last decade. It has made cryptocurrency traders out of ordinary investors who would even shy away from the traditional stock markets. It has provided us with an e...

Blockchain Scalability Solutions [An Overview]

23 Mar 2020 5 minute read 2 comments falconite

Scalability has proven to be the single biggest roadblock to the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology today. While Bitcoin is impeccable as far as security and decentralization are concerned, it’s an entirely different story when it comes to...


Blockchain & Music - An Unlikely Union

26 Mar 2020 falconite

28 March 2020
Thanks Daniel :)

Decentralized Internet: From Sitcom to Reality

26 Mar 2020 falconite

27 March 2020
They are also backed by a strong team, and the project has been under development for a few years. Hoping to read your review soon :)

Decentralized Internet: From Sitcom to Reality

26 Mar 2020 falconite

27 March 2020
Thanks so much for the encouragement :)

Decentralized Internet: From Sitcom to Reality

26 Mar 2020 falconite

27 March 2020
What I really like about Blockstack is that they are actively encouraging developers to create DApps on their platform. As for the technical part, each project has its own strength (and weakness).

Decentralized Internet: From Sitcom to Reality

26 Mar 2020 falconite

27 March 2020
So glad that you liked it :)

Decentralized Internet: From Sitcom to Reality

26 Mar 2020 falconite

26 March 2020
Thanks a lot for your encouragement :)

Blockchain Scalability Solutions [An Overview]

23 Mar 2020 falconite

23 March 2020
To be honest, I'm not familiar with the project or technology :D Let me read up on it. Thanks for bringing it to my notice :)

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