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Da oggi BANANO diventa Deflazionistica!

28 Jul 2019 2 minute read 0 comments Deiv

Da oggi BANANO diventa Deflazionistica! Introduzione del nuovo programma “Buy-Back and Burn” BANANO offre transazioni praticamente istantanee, senza commissioni e viene distribuita gratuitamente tramite giochi e faucet altamente innovative.Forse sai...

Why am I holding a meme-coin? #ShowYourPortfolio

12 Jul 2019 4 minute read 5 comments Deiv

In order to explain why I am currently holding a (specific) meme-coin, and also why I’m genuinely sure they are they key for a true mass adoption, it’s necessary to give some context first. The first time I heard about cryptocurrencies was during Dec...


The Easiest Way to Get Your Hands on some Next-Gen Cryptocurrency For Free? Play our Faucetgame!

16 Feb 2020 banano

17 February 2020
Yes, all-time no-error-series record is still 5995 👌

I Entered The BANANO Crypto Realm on a Whim. Here's What I Discovered.

5 Feb 2020 SkinnerCrypto

06 February 2020
Despite being considered a "memecoin", Banano can be also easily used to buy real products on the internet! (see BANANO Store I also agree to the mass adoption point: cryptocurrencies are often considered as "invesment tools" and this imho scares a huge part of the people out there who are not really interested in making money, so in my point of view Banano can be considered as the bridge between a super complicated technology like "Bitcoin" and the newbie who wants to get involved into the crypto space in a smoother way 👌

BANANO Wishes You a Very Merry Christmas!

24 Dec 2019 banano

30 December 2019
Banano is a fast and feeless meme-currency (kind of like Dogecoin). Main goal is to make the start with crypto as easy as possible, use a fun attitude and gamification to get new users started without all the usual hassle, and then educate them to handle crypto in general in a responsible way. Reach us on 👌

BANANO Monthly Update October 2019

6 Oct 2019 banano

11 October 2019
Only theoretically, value is still influenced by supply and demand.

BANANO Monthly Update October 2019

6 Oct 2019 banano

11 October 2019
If you burn part of the supply, it becomes more "scarce". BANANO "Buy back and Burns" tend to antagonize price inflation during the distribution phase and stabilize the markets, but also make a good use of earnings to reduce the BANANO supply, which in turn rewards all BANANO community members/holders.

Why am I holding a meme-coin? #ShowYourPortfolio

12 Jul 2019 Deiv

17 July 2019
Thanks a lot for the opportunity Igor!

Announcing the Winners of #ShowYourPortfolio Publish0x Writing Contest

16 Jul 2019 Igor Tomić

17 July 2019
That was an interesting competition for sure, and thanks for the reward! I would like to get it in HYDRO 😃

Giving Away $200 in ETH! Join Publish0x Contest for Authors: #ShowYourPortfolio

3 Jul 2019 Igor Tomić

12 July 2019
This is my article! Hope I'm not too late for it 😅

Natrium — The NANO Mobile Wallet by BANANO — now Available on the iOS App Store!

10 Mar 2019 banano

10 March 2019
Can't wait to see the multi-account feature on Kalium too! 👏

10,000 BANANO Giveaway!

1 Mar 2019 Christine

02 March 2019
Awesome project and one of the fastest crypto I've ever seen 👏

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What the banana is BANANO coin? The meme brother of NANO coin!

4 Mar 2020 1 minute read comments LiquidAttic

BANANO is my favorite meme coin out there at the moment. Why do you ask me? Because its a banana 🍌 coin! And they are giving a lot of airdrops. Now we gonna dive into the research and look what the banana BANANO has to offer what is Banano?  Banano i...

The Easiest Way to Get Your Hands on some Next-Gen Cryptocurrency For Free? Play our Faucetgame!

16 Feb 2020 2 minute read comments banano

BANANO is a unique project distributing all coins free and fair through faucets, giveaways and airdrops. BANANO is a fork of NANO, which means all coins come basically instant and with feeless transactions. Today we’re announcing Round 28 of BANANO’s...

The BANANO Blog at Publish0x now has 1000 Followers! Let's do a Publish0x-Exclusive Giveaway!

14 Feb 2020 2 minute read comments banano

BANANO news & updates are coming out on a regular base on both Medium and Publish0x. Today, our blog at Publish0x hit 1000 followers! Time to celebrate this with an exclusive Publish0x giveaway! Read below how to participate! 50,000 BANANO Giveaway...

Vite Wallet Airdrop Reminder: Claim Your Share of 5 Million BANANO

9 Feb 2020 2 minute read comments banano

This is a reminder that the previously announced BANANO airdrop to all Vite Wallet users is still up but will end soon. Make sure to claim your share of 5 Million Banano every 24 hours! Instructions below! BANANO Airdrop, 2020, colorized. Also, b...

I Entered The BANANO Crypto Realm on a Whim. Here's What I Discovered.

5 Feb 2020 4 minute read comments SkinnerCrypto

Before I begin, MAJOR Shoutout to all of my followers, you make me feel super awesome. And to, they shouted out my previous article on their amazing token, TWX: I about shit myself. Total Nerdgasm at this revelation. Now with that out...

Earn Free Coins by Playing BANANO's Popular Faucet Game 'Black Monkey' - Round 26 Announcement

30 Jan 2020 1 minute read comments banano

Round 26 of BANANO’s popular faucet game ‘Black Monkey’ is about to start, running 24 hours only! It’s super simple, play the game, earn free $BANANO! Payouts will happen after the round has ended. How much $BAN can you get? More details below: Bl...



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