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I'm a Crypto Bag Hodler, Programmer, Meme Troller, and an IT/CompSci Educator. ALL proceeds in this platform will be used to construct a VOCATIONAL SCHOOL in Vietnam or Philippines.

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Brave v1.3.118 with some BOOORING UPDATE and FIXES!

4 days ago 1 minute read circuitops

It's Official!!! Brave Browser newest release version 1.3.118 is now available for update or download. With this update, new improvements and changes like "Brave-Sync is disabled by default", "Auto Crash Fixes due to Sync Issues" and "Updated Terms o...

Uphold Card is Coming NEXT MONTH!!!

5 days ago 1 minute read circuitops

Uphold, a digital money platform where you can stock your hard-earned crypto assets for future profitable profit is now introducing Uphold Debit Card - a card with tons of new features compared to a standard debit or credit card which defines the val...

25 Cryptocurrency terms or words YOU NEED TO KNOW, right NOW!

6 days ago 6 minute read circuitops

Are you struggling to keep up with crypto enthusiast and crypto evangelist making fuzz with slang words such as "HE's a WHALE" or "BAT is breaking-out this month with 3% increase! TO THE MOON" on Reddit, publish0x, crypto communities, and crypto mark...

History behind Mona - Japan's first Cryptocurrency

2 weeks ago 3 minute read circuitops

Japan was being eyed because of its witty creations in the anime world. The work is for other people or for their own purposes only. Thanks to their advanced technology and high-intellect thinking about things in the field of science. One of the fadd...

Brave Browser v1.3.111 with Sponsored Images, 30 more Regions, and auto-Crash Solution

2 weeks ago 2 minute read circuitops

It's Official!!! Brave Browser's newest official build version 1.3.113 is now available for update or download. With this update, new improvements and features such as "Sponsored Images", "Additional 30 REGIONS" and more! ©Image by circuitops Here a...

My Publish0x Withdrawal 🤑

2 weeks ago 1 minute read circuitops

I discover Publish0x on a Brave Browser Advertisement last January 13th, 2020 and I was intrigued about its blockchain crypto agnostic ecosystem where both readers and authors can earn money. This platform is one of a kind, it's not the same as the e...

101 Facts about Bitcoin

2 weeks ago 16 minute read circuitops

BITCOIN!!! A revolutionary system that is quite confusing and complex to learn for beginners then combine it with financial strange terms, unusual forms, and endless trades or exchange possibilities - Nobody Really Understand Bitcoin. 2008 was the ad...

5 Native Cryptocurrencies Made in JAPAN

2 weeks ago 10 minute read circuitops

Japan is really #1. It is undoubtedly that everyone in Japan is going crazy about cryptocurrencies right now. Thanks to Japan's cryptocurrency regulation  (First in the WORLD by the way) that eliminates the Group of Twenty (G20) problems in regulatin...

Brave “Estimated pending rewards” BUG (January 31, 2020)

3 weeks ago 1 minute read circuitops

The recent stable release of Brave Browser (v 1.2.43) promotes important changes to the performance, stability, security and web experience for brave users but today (January 31, 2020), some users (including me) have noticed an error regarding the co...

Congratulation BRAVE Winner of the Privacy Focused Product of the Year!

3 weeks ago 1 minute read circuitops

The 5th annual Golden Kitty Awards have come to an end. Last January 28th, 2020, Product Hunt announced this year's Golden Kitty Awards winners within each 25 product categories and BRAVE have won the Privacy-Focused Product of the Year. ©Image of P...