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Brave v1.2.43 is now Release

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Download Brave v1.2.43 >> HERE HERE

Japan can now use PayPal as wallet for BAT!

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Japan is really Number One (#1). Japanese brave users can now connect their Verified PayPal account instead of Uphold. This feature is only available in Japan while other countries are stuck with Uphold. ©Photo|Image by Guko1 There are no reports an...

Is Cryptocurrency found in the Bible?

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Bible is described as how GOD has a plan on us, from all the humanity and our Earth from beginning to end. As proof, bible researchers have agreed that the Bible is complete and can answer all of our questions and to prove that the bible is true to i...

BAT Tipping doesn't do anything

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The brave browser introduces a way to send contribution and tip to your favorite verified publisher through YouTube, GitHub, Vimeo, Website, Reddit, Twitch, and Twitter. But an issue arose back in early April 2019 where users reported errors and bugs...

BAT in Game Industry

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The market of the gaming industry is increasing every year especially in these major platforms such as Mobile, Consoles, and PC. These increase can be observed in the consumer market performance where the value of downloadable content increase from t...

FREEBAT.WIN Legit or Scam?

4 days ago 1 minute read circuitops $0.00 tipped is an auto-faucet or a reward system that dispense rewards in a form of points that can be exchanged to BAT. With this, it allows users to earn BAT by completing different tasks such as claiming faucet, click short links. Main...

BAT Scams are Everywhere

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Since the release of the brave browser, BAT was one of the Rockstar that got the attention of the cryptocurrency community and internet surfers around the globe. With this, everybody wants to invest and get tons of BAT. The problem right now is the s...

Brave ads Fluctuation

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Did you notice the sudden drop of advertisement notification on your brave browser?   Most of us have activated brave rewards to gain extra dollars through BAT via ads pop-up. 2019 was a revelation from brave users where they can earn five (5) or mor...