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INTRODUCTION TO RENEWABLE ENERGY WITH BLOCKCHAIN REVOLUTION - Understanding The Crypto Economy Of The Future. Trust The Process And Progress Spread the word, Earn Rewards!Give you earn every time you tell your friends and family about DEC, Guest...s...

Now is Right Time To Invest in DEC

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DEC Power --- Building A Global New Energy Ecosystem Based On Blockchain Based on the development needs of the new energy industry and the various problems that the industry needs to solve urgently. DEC power adopts advanced emerging technologies s...

GE Renewable Energy

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To give back to community users, DEC's distributed energy chain activities are once again hitting. According to official disclosures, on August 23rd, the DEC distributed energy chain will open a new round of activities on the exchange TOP.ONE: Phase...


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INVESTORS SHOULD NOT MISS OUT ON THE DEC PROJECT. Here are the reasons why: 1. DEC is already listed in 2 exchangers with more than 60 million USD worth of DEC now in circulation in the market, in less than six months after it was launched. 2. It is...


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The public charging infrastructure network has been densely established across China, with Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin as well as Anhui, Guangdong, Hubei, Hebei, Jiangsu, Shandong and Zhejiang provinces accounting for 75.3 percent of all such facil...

Electric Vehicles Charger Manufacturers in China.

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As Electric Vehicles are developing more in the China vehicle’s market, for an EV to run it needs the power that can get by charging. Since there is a need to know about the various EV charger manufacturers in China. Here is the complete list of Elec...

DEC Energy Eco Network

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DEC Energy Eco Network: Distributed energy chain DEC, the first to pay for car wired and wireless charging (Asia's first enterprise with unlimited charging) mobile phone wireless charging, wireless shared charging treasure, taxi and network car, then...

Now is Time To Invest in DEC

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The company's corporate culture vision is "to let the energy 'chain' the world", the company's slogan is "'thousands of thousands of piles', there are cars to create a gang," values ​​are "struggling, innovation, integrity, and win-win", according to...

Trust The Process and Progress

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Always Put PEOPLE Over Profits.When all companies start out, their purpose is genuine.But oftentimes in business, as companies grow...Their main priority and what they should focus on can get a little fuzzy.Don't lose sight of what really matters! Be...


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What is DEC ? For now, let me just answer you by showing you a video on "DEC Topup/Payment by using Wechat and also through a DEC Apps"  Why would you want to keep DEC? DEC is a utility token that can be used by China's Didi Car drivers. DIDI CAR is...