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The Truth

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How I imagine myself deciphering a complex bounty request. How my mom imagines me doing bounties. How my client imagines me. and the truth...

Few tools for Twitter ( and other webs) that you might find interesting

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Bitcoin Cash URL shortener - list of recently shortened & most popular links, side project by used on Memo.Cash & Honest.Cash, but works w/ anything. Long URL made short - very convenient, fast, no adv...

Poetry: "Untamed and fearless, I am born for this shit!"

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Even in the depth of the deepest darkness, on the bottom of the coldest abyss and void, nowhere to be found, nowhere to be hidden, I burn with the same flame, my heart is the unforgiving fire.There is nothing left to me, there is nothing left of me,...

Fiction: Ancient Alien Chronicles - TitusB ( chapter 1)

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For a while I was thinking that an ill will could resolve all by itself, but finally instead keeping it on the level of an idea, I built an actual object.This thing being a science fiction or not, it doesn't matter, the same it doesn't matter my folk...

I don't want to drag you but... I just have to - ReadCash and MemoCash

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  ReadCash, a BCH content reward website has opened an affiliate program, you can join and see what they have there. Posting is easy and they have a great editor. It has sponsorship, affiliates and tip reward system. It also allows you to download yo...


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PAID CRYPTO BLOGGING AND OTHER FUN AND MONEY THINGS The last websites' review that I made was in June 2019, so I think it is a time to make another refresh about the general nature of things. I hope you will find something useful for your work online...