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Improve Myself

2 weeks ago 2 minute read aschatria $0.03 tipped

So, this is going to be my one year project - just to improve everything I do and how I am doing it. And to improve myself, because being perfect is not enough, I just have to ruin all that and flush myself out of this perfect dream I am living... No...


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PONY.GG is A NON-instant messaging service that I use instead of a traditional mail platform. Unlike other mail services this one both delivers and sends emails only once a day. It is a de-clutter tool, and it is very handy. The reason that I opted f...

Social media websites are popular, but can they survive the future?

2 weeks ago 1 minute read aschatria $0.01 tipped

Like anything else, what is in and what is out changes over the night. The same thing is with the social media websites. Many people are aware only of a few big ones, but there is a whole plethora of the smaller social media that come and go as we sp...

Humans are not machines - we're made for effective and creative work, not for slave work

2 weeks ago 1 minute read aschatria $0.06 tipped

It seems that practical analyses of effective work hours stated the obvious, people effectively work only 3 hours out of 8 - the rest is lost in space and wasted on an empty walk. Even if working all 8 hours at max power, an average worker can hold t...

How to find old tweets without using any external application

3 weeks ago 1 minute read aschatria $0.03 tipped

How to find old tweets is kind of a problem when you come at the end of what seems to be the end of your Twitter feed, but you know it is not... There is more but you can not see it. Continue reading:

ReadCash Nightmode Theme ( MemoCash Darkmode Color Palette)

4 weeks ago 1 minute read aschatria $0.07 tipped

The entire theme and code can be found on the link below. ReadCash is a BCH based writing website, and till now we still don't have a functional nightmode,...

God of War - Tell the Truth, Bitch, It is So Wrong!

22 Dec 2019 4 minute read aschatria $0.07 tipped

Shadow of Insanity and a Monster of Madnesswalk this world, a convulsing well of need,a human distraction, watching TV, playing small ideas on me, a destruction pretends happinessand you are already there, nuts or sane,in heist doing all the irrelev...

What if God was one of us - tell the truth, show mercy and have a merry Xmas

22 Dec 2019 2 minute read aschatria $0.09 tipped

Let's say that a messiah of ANY religion returns to the Earth because he promised and it is time to deliver. Now, it can be of any religion, doesn't matter, a messiah is a messiah, he comes in light and brings the goodies. Let's say that an ultimate...

I am so happy that humans have no superpowers, now can we please take a hike out of a Milky Way?

19 Dec 2019 4 minute read aschatria $0.10 tipped

I am so happy that humans have no superpowers. Imagine a bunch of greedy, horny, mentally deranged and emotionally damaged sociopaths walking through the walls of all the other, nice and honest, tree-hugging, spiritually enlightened little goody-two-...

Drawing Exercise: Eye ( + material + tutorial I used)

18 Dec 2019 1 minute read aschatria $0.11 tipped

This is my first realistic drawing after 28 years - very obvious as you can see, that is what happens when you don't practice lol - so as a starter drawing this is perfectly ok by me. I used all the normal things you expect to make a picture of an ey...