We are research group with focus to expose bugs in design and implementation of blockchain projects. We only honour responsible disclosure with projects that honour responsible development.

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Emercoin Hardfork Mess – Trivial 51% Attack

1 week ago 12 minute read art_of_bug $1.04 tipped

Welcome back. Last time we've talked about Particl. Since then there has been good news coming from Particl. The bugs were fixed and they are allegedly considering creating a proper bug bounty program. And we have published a post about how should a...

How to Make Good Bug Bounty

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Most projects in cryptocurrency space don't have a bug bounty program, or their bug bounty program is deficient. We think such an approach is dangerous for most projects out there. Bitcoin is probably the only project that can afford not having a bug...

Particl – Using Spent Kernel To Split the Network

3 weeks ago 11 minute read art_of_bug $3.06 tipped

Welcome again. It took us a while to get back. The reasons are both simple and sad – communication with Altcoin vendors is very difficult and slow. Many Altcoins do not have any vulnerability policy in place. You have no idea who to contact and you h...

Introduction & Neblio – VerifyInputsUnspent Denial of Service

11 May 2019 6 minute read art_of_bug $1.27 tipped

Welcome to our first blog post. We hope you will enjoy our content. Today, we start with a vulnerability in Neblio project. We made several attempts to contact the Neblio team in April, but all our attempts failed. It seemed that they just refused to...