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Where to Check Cryptocurrency Prices? Top 7 Alternatives to CoinMarketCap

23 Jul 2019 1 minute read 6 comments Altufievskiy

It's not the best idea to trust the indicators of cryptocurrency exchanges. Because at least 95 percent of the trading volume of platforms is fake. Even the leading market data website, Coinmarketcap has been repeatedly accused of publishing inaccura...

Halving Litecoin: How the decrease in block reward will affect its price

17 Jul 2019 3 minute read 0 comments Altufievskiy

On August 5, the halving will occur in the Litecoin network on block 1680000, as a result of which the miners' reward will be halved. Instead of 25 LTC, miners will receive 12.5 LTC for each new block. Some experts believe that the decrease of the m...


Cardano vs. Stellar - Which One Should You Put On Your Radar?

23 Jul 2019 Chris Walker

23 July 2019
Right now Cardano is 95.77% down from ATH. How long would it take ADA to gain everything back?)

Tor Browser Launches Crowdfunding Campaign Supported by Bitcoin Processing BTCPay Server

16 Jul 2019 Altufievskiy

16 July 2019
UPD: 25 hours after the launch, the company managed to reach the softcap goal and raise $10 000 USD!!! But there's 13 days left, so anyone can keep donating and supporting The Tor Project. The Tor project will put these funds to work protecting privacy for all, as stated on the campaign page!

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