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Why Does China Dominate Mining? ⛏️

1 week ago 4 minute read AdaptiveAnalysis $3.37 tipped

Takeaways from MinerSummit 2019 This post was originally published in the Adaptive Analysis newsletter. You can subscribe to the newsletter here. Over ten years of successful operation and the Bitcoin network has arrived at a point where the vast maj...

How will Bitcoin Behave if the Global Economy Erupts?

20 Sep 2019 23 minute read AdaptiveAnalysis $5.22 tipped

Economic conditions become increasingly turbulent after a decade of stimulative monetary policy & negative interest rate policies. A forward-looking indicator which has preceded every recession since the 1950s has recently signalled that a recession...

The Nature of Cryptocurrency Markets

8 Jul 2019 8 minute read AdaptiveAnalysis $2.75 tipped

An Analysis of Three Trend-Based Strategies This post was originally part of the Adaptive Analysis newsletter. You can subscribe here. Quick take; Emerging markets are more speculative and trend-driven in nature given the absence of robust framework...