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The killer Dapp 2020: Decentralized VPNs?

5 Dec 2019 4 minute read 4 comments Yardy

In the last 10 years the phrase virtual private network, or VPN for short, become mainstream. Today, every teenager knows what it is and why it is necessary to be installed at almost any smartphone, laptop or tablet. Twenty years ago 99% of Internet...

Hello, world! Is regionalization of the Internet inevitable?

2 Dec 2019 1 minute read 0 comments Yardy

Unfortinately, yes. Moreover, it’s ongoing for decades. The “Great Chinese firewall” looks funny, before it appears at your home. The trend of "sovereign internet" now is expanding from marginals like Venzuela, Iran, Syria, and some African countries...


The killer Dapp 2020: Decentralized VPNs?

5 Dec 2019 Yardy

07 December 2019
There will be variety of decentralized VPNs and some of them would get users, others not. Sentinel has 126 active nodes and 415 session, for example and all of this usage is bounty only. So, it is like blockchains with smart contracts in 2015 - they exist, but real user base is around zero. Let's see in Jul 2020, who would get users man:)

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