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ReactionVideo: Enough with the ANTI WHITE NARRATIVE

19 Oct 2020 1 minute read 0 comments TheDannyMacShow

Enough with the ANTI WHITE NARRATIVE My Website Shop Now Booking  ABOUT BRANDON TATUM Every week I release videos talking about politics, life, and...

Track Reaction - Get Dead - Disruption Official Video

18 Oct 2020 1 minute read 0 comments TheDannyMacShow

  Fat Mike names this band one of the most important bands on his record label FatWreckChords. This is my first reaction to the new single. Copyright claimed by band so nobody cry please :D Find me over at youtube TheDanny MacShow

Video Reaction: "I covered ANTIFA as a TV reporter, here's what news often leaves out"

18 Oct 2020 1 minute read 4 comments TheDannyMacShow

The one who called himself "100% Antifa" via web-based media, looked for the homicide of a Trump ally in Portland, has been executed by law implementation. As a columnist who canvassed Antifa in Seattle, I need to share my experience of what it rese...

EncroChat: Hundreds arrested as crime chat network cracked

18 Oct 2020 1 minute read 0 comments TheDannyMacShow

A highly confidential interchanges framework utilized by hoodlums to exchange medications and firearms has been "effectively infiltrated", says the National Crime Agency. The NCA worked with powers across Europe on the UK's "greatest and generally h...

Please don't let the cat out of the bag': Ghislaine Maxwell's legal team bid to keep pages of potent

18 Oct 2020 1 minute read 1 comment TheDannyMacShow

Ghislaine Maxwell's attorneys are begging an adjudicator not to 'let the truth out' by unlocking a stash of conceivably humiliating reports from her argument against Virginia Roberts Giuffre. Maxwell's lawful group says her opportunity of a reasonab...

English ‘wizard’ claims Ghislaine Maxwell drugged and abused him in new lawsuit wants 10 million

18 Oct 2020 1 minute read 0 comments TheDannyMacShow

A British man known as a "wizard" in his home city claims he was medicated and explicitly manhandled by Ghislaine Maxwell in a meandering aimlessly affable suit documented Thursday against the previous socialite. George Vernon, who passes by the nam...


Video Reaction: "I covered ANTIFA as a TV reporter, here's what news often leaves out"

18 Oct 2020 TheDannyMacShow

18 October 2020
Ultra salty there! You made my day, thanks for the comments. :)

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DEXToken: Making DeFI Accessible to Retail Investors!

18 Oct 2020 4 minute read comments SamBTC

What exactly is DEXToken? Over-speculation by over-ambitious bankers and financial institutes has been the root cause of almost all the previous financial recessions and depressions. This greed of a few individuals makes the lives of the majority mis...

Earn 45% on Binance!?!?

12 Oct 2020 1 minute read comments cryptoforcanadians

Time is of the essence here so I'll keep this post brief and to the point. Even though I’ve already written a post about Binance’s Liquid Swap program, which you can check out here, I thought I’d write another post about it as they’re offering even b...

The Secret to Increasing Crypto Portfolios

12 Oct 2020 3 minute read comments johnwege

I am often asked on my articles about how I go about buying cryptocurrency, or even what is the best way to build a portfolio.  Now usually people will give you the usual rundown of answers for investing in cryptocurrencies.  Some of these go as foll...

DigiByte (DGB) | Yes!!! This Can Be Chance To Catch The Dip

11 Oct 2020 1 minute read comments moon333

Hey, friends hope you are well and welcome the new update on the Digibyte coin. In this video you will watch how:    The price action of DGB formed a bullish Crab pattern and started a bullish move from the potential reversal zone of this Crab:   C...

Week 6: Security Rules Everything Around Me

10 Oct 2020 4 minute read comments Chad Farmer

The Humble Farmers’ Fort Knox Aerial view of entrance to Old Oswestry Hill Fort in the Welsh Marches near Oswestry in north west Shropshire during the Iron Age. (   🔒 In order for our humble farmers to feel comfortable delegating their c...

An honest review of the Binance Visa Card

10 Oct 2020 4 minute read comments Alexandru-Balan

The time has come once again for me to bash... ummm I mean to review a project. This time around I am going to take a look at the new Binance Visa card which I've been using for the past few weeks. Unfortunately, the card is only virtual and there's...

September Crypto & Blockchain Social Metrics & Earnings Report

9 Oct 2020 2 minute read comments Scott Cunningham

So that you can take full advantage of the platforms out there that use blockchain technology and have crypto monetization, here are the 8 platforms I used to make $482.17 worth of crypto in September and some insights on them. I’m committing to sha...

Let’s Simplify Things! Banano, cryptomonKeys and a very special giveaway

9 Oct 2020 3 minute read comments DrYunani

  A warm welcome to another Let’s Simplify Things! post! In this post let us have a look at Banano and cryptoMonkeys and simplify it! For the first time on Let’s Simplify Things! there is a giveaway! YES, you heard it right, you can be the lucky win...

Polymath: A New Phase for Blockchain

9 Oct 2020 5 minute read comments

The past 42 months have seen a significant boom in the cryptocurrency market with Bitcoin skyrocketing from under $1,000 to around $10,000 today. Along with the rise in price and popularity of Bitcoin, many other altcoins have seen incredible gains,...

Ethereum ETH Integrated for Tipping, Min Withdrawal Increased AND 30% Bigger Rewards!

6 Aug 2020 3 minute read comments Dan Bainbridge

We've got 3 super exciting updates to share with you today! These include an addition of a tipping token, an increase in minimum withdrawal threshold, and a big increase in rewards!   1. ETH Integrated for Tipping. We've just integrated another tipp...



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