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The Transitive Trust Network: How TrustSearch Quantifies Interpersonal Trust

10 Jan 2020 11 minute read comments TrustUnion

We’re All Connected by Just Six Degrees of Separation: The Power of Social Distance and Transitive Trust is designed to provide insight into the trust relationships between users and allow users to make informed decisions in both the...

What is TrustSearch, the trust engine by TrustUnion

9 Jan 2020 7 minute read comments TrustUnion

TRUST IS THE MOST POWERFUL GLOBAL TOOL Trust is completely free — and yet at the same time, it’s the thing for which you must work the hardest. Once you have it, it’s the most priceless thing you’ll ever own. Trust is measured by how we be...

TrustSearch: Could Major Search Engines Do It Better?

6 Jan 2020 9 minute read comments TrustUnion

It’s no secret that major tech industry players often subsume or outright clone popular or promising features or apps from innovators.   Facebook, for example, has made several multi-billion dollar advances on popular social media app Snapchat, with...