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Only heard about bitcoin dec2017 and been learning ever since trying to find my online niche but I don't want to be an email annoyance like the 500 I have show up in my email spouting the same lies

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CoinGecko Candy Rewards

4 Nov 2020 cryptoforcanadians

05 November 2020
They already had better stuff on there ive seen 2 limited edition gecko NFTs but they only had 100 I believe of each one ..anytime I ever see something I want it's already long gone. .I have over 2000 candies.I found out about them on the app. But they don't email when they are restocking and I can't spend my life on coingecko hoping for something...I stopped collecting until they figure out a better system..all I feel is disappointment from not being able to spend them on something useful

October - Profits from Crypto

1 Nov 2020 Heruvim78

01 November 2020
I have a couple questions 1- why claim thecryptofaucet a s slowly dying but say the most lucrative faucets are ZEN,ZEC,PIVX and LTC but when I clicked on LTC it brings me to thecryptofaucet? That makes no sense.. 2- you quit coinpot? Do you still have balance on there? If so can I have it or at least try to retrieve it and send it your way ? if you want to answer's app email address so I dont get my real one spammed but will give you the real one of you contact .publishox comment in subject line

Bored Again..

18 Jun 2020 Jennifer0128

21 June 2020
👀You surely don't look shy jennifer...cold possibly lol.🤣joking

Do you want to exchange your Bitcoins to Ethereum or any other crypto currency without any KYC verification? Then try Godex

11 Jun 2020 Sabingurung

11 June 2020
You weren't completely honest about the sign up bonus now were you..YOU get 0.00500000 BTC for people to sign up through your link...we people who sign up get NOTHING...good thing I didn't sign up..if you were going to lie about sign up bonus how could I trust you that this exchange is even legitimate?? I wouldn't believe a word of anything this guy says or posts..first article I ever read of I'm out..nothing of value here folks Peace out


1 Jun 2020 toprak dere

03 June 2020
Oh c'mon been tricked almost guaranteed..forget cloud mining for free.. doesn't happen..why not stake/trade instead?it's real and you guaranteed will make more...there's even teams if you want so between Everyone on the teams coins make a bigger pile and reap more stake rewards .. it's more fun and profitable takes less time and there's lots to learn...give up the quest for easy free cloud such thing....come play in the stake pool. I can even show you where to acquire the coins they have free.

100$ day free program easy faucet HORIZEN FAUCET: Step-by-step

30 May 2020 Jennifer0128

02 June 2020
Right on the faucet it will say claim and verify right underneath


1 Jun 2020 toprak dere

02 June 2020
I wouldn't spend one second at any site (excluding PublishOx)on that list until you take this article and it every site through his scam site test post and see what you got...I bet my PublishOx earnings that this author has not cashed out of any of them unless he owns the site or knows the owner and is in on the scam..Do I have any takers??? How about you Toprak dere? 🤔Will you take my bet ? 🤔admit these are "possible"scam sites that you never verified nor cashed out of Sincerely ALLBITNoCOIN

100$ day free program easy faucet HORIZEN FAUCET: Step-by-step

30 May 2020 Jennifer0128

02 June 2020
It takes til next Monday unless you verify your wallet address which keeps not happening when I try to do it so I wait and get once a week

100$ day free program easy faucet HORIZEN FAUCET: Step-by-step

30 May 2020 Jennifer0128

01 June 2020
I sent you my email on one of your selfies if you want to email then hope one of us can erase it after you email. I checked and can erase soon as u do..put your screen name as subject so I don't miss it

Another one!

30 May 2020 Jennifer0128

31 May 2020
i cant find

100$ day free program easy faucet HORIZEN FAUCET: Step-by-step

30 May 2020 Jennifer0128

31 May 2020
if there is you can send me a pm Jennifer

100$ day free program easy faucet HORIZEN FAUCET: Step-by-step

30 May 2020 Jennifer0128

31 May 2020
Im getting payments too but decided stake/trading coins is the way to really rock my balance..if interested I will share the site..they have arbitrage options charts and links there too

100$ day free program easy faucet HORIZEN FAUCET: Step-by-step

30 May 2020 Jennifer0128

30 May 2020
Is this a new column you are starting? Because I use horizon faucet and it takes forever to build up a token I've been there since almost the beginning and don't have half of one yet

Bored of CoVid? Check out my list of 35+ Paying Crypto Faucets...You have time ;)

20 Mar 2020 Torsovomit

15 May 2020
Have you cashed out of all these sites? Because I see more than a few that I know don't cash out but would love to see your payment proofs and maybe changed by now

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