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Got your $1200 Stimulus? Here is the cheapest way to convert it into your favorite Cryptocurrency!!

12 Apr 2020 2 minute read 0 comments Mnox

Hello! Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy through this Covid-19 nonsense! If you are an US citizen or a permanent resident you should be receiving your $1200 stimulus from the IRS soon. I find it funny that they are acting like they are giving...

US Federal Reserve is Pumping $1.5 Trillion Into The Economy. This Should Be Bullish for Bitcoin in a Long Term!!

13 Mar 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Mnox

Federal Reserve is at it again! They are planning on injecting a total of $1.5 trillion into the financial system via Quantitative Easing (QE). As I explained before in this article, Quantitative Easing when the central bank injects fiat currency in...

Making Sense of Blockchain Consensus Algorithms. Comparing POW, POS, and DPOS.

7 Mar 2020 5 minute read 3 comments Mnox

The recent attack on the Steem blockchain have shown a major flaw in DPOS system. I thought this would be a good time to go over some blockchain consensus algorithms to understand the pros and cons for each. There are actually 14 consensus algorithms...

Battle of Privacy Coins! Comparison of Top 3 Privacy Coins XMR ZEC DASH

1 Mar 2020 4 minute read 32 comments Mnox

There still seem to be a common misconception that Bitcoin transactions are anonymous. Bitcoin transactions are not anonymous. They are pseudonymous. All transaction on the Bitcoin blockchain is stored forever and they are available to be viewed by a...

Fiat vs Cryptocurrency. Why Cryptocurrency Will Win.

27 Feb 2020 6 minute read 17 comments Mnox

USD, JPY, CNY, EUR, etc, there are currently 180 currencies across the world that are recognized by the United Nations. When someone is against cryptocurrency, they usually like to argue that why not just use USD (or their respective currency of thei...


Justin Sun: Business Genius.

23 Mar 2020 niallon11

24 March 2020
I doubt that was his plan. With everyone and all the Dapps moving to Hive, all he has left is a empty shell. Even if he wanted to get new users onboard, the steem name is now tainted. It's going to take a miracle to bring it back up to what it was before.

Steem Has Hard Forked To Hive Blog. This Is What I Think About It.

22 Mar 2020 SkinnerCrypto

23 March 2020
My Steem powerdown can't come soon enough. Justin Sun can keep his shitcoin.

Bitcoin safe-haven status blown away by ‘Black Swan’ Coronavirus

14 Mar 2020 Edwin Kinoti

16 March 2020
I'm hoping that this is just a short term thing. Even gold was down by quite a bit in 2008 crash but few months into the recession, gold mooned as people try to save their purchasing power from quantitative easing.

I Did A Critical Analysis on a United States Crypto Bill. Here's My Follow Up.

12 Mar 2020 SkinnerCrypto

13 March 2020
Man, who the hell is voting these dickweeds into the office?

Are we back in the 1930's? A comparison with the coming 2020-2021 depression. How to protect yourself financially?

7 Mar 2020 Writerblock

07 March 2020
Interesting read but I think this coronavirus thing will only last 2 months at the most. The Chinese area already back at work. We are just getting the delayed reaction in the US. Also, all they have to do for the market is lower the interest rates and inject more fiat currency into the system. Where else besides the equity market are people going to put their money when interest is so low? The market is going to keep getting inflated until everyone finally loses faith in the monetary system.

Bitcoin Hash Rate Hits Record Highs As ASIC Manufacturers Resume Operations

6 Mar 2020 MinerUpdate

06 March 2020
Some very useful information here. Thanks!

I Read A Forbes Article Bashing Crypto. This Is What I Think About It.

4 Mar 2020 SkinnerCrypto

04 March 2020
Even bitcoin is pretty cheap to transfer these days. I moved 1.3BTC for like 15cents few days ago. Try doing that at the bank. Wire transfer is going to cost you like $20 and take like a day to show up in your account and you can't use it until it clears.

Battle of Privacy Coins! Comparison of Top 3 Privacy Coins XMR ZEC DASH

1 Mar 2020 Mnox

03 March 2020
¡No hay problema! ¡Gracias por leer! :)

Battle of Privacy Coins! Comparison of Top 3 Privacy Coins XMR ZEC DASH

1 Mar 2020 Mnox

03 March 2020
Oui je suis d'accord. Il devrait y avoir une saine concurrence entre les pièces.

Battle of Privacy Coins! Comparison of Top 3 Privacy Coins XMR ZEC DASH

1 Mar 2020 Mnox

03 March 2020
There's always a chance that Bitcoin price can shoot up exponentially again. Think of how much a $10 worth of Bitcoin in 2010 is worth now.

Steemit Down and old Steem dead - How Justin Sun took over the Steem blockchain with the help of Binance, Poloniex and Huobi

2 Mar 2020 acesontop

02 March 2020
I've actually moved here from steem as well since the Tron announcement. Steem was a good project but Steemit inc killed it with their bad leadership. They've been fishy ever since Dan left.

Initial Thoughts On The EOS Voice Application

1 Mar 2020 Scott Cunningham

01 March 2020
Thanks to the KYC requirements, Voice was already a failure before the beta even came out. I think already knew this and only released this to keep the legistrators happy. It's not even running on the main EOS blockchain.

Battle of Privacy Coins! Comparison of Top 3 Privacy Coins XMR ZEC DASH

1 Mar 2020 Mnox

01 March 2020
I used to mine Ethereum with 8 GPU mining rig so I'm aware of the work that goes into building a rig. The good thing about GPU miners is that value of them do not go to zero like ASICs do. So, you can always recoup some of your expense later. Also, with Monero, it is more profitable to mine via CPU than GPU. The Monero mining software is really easy to set up and I actually have it set up so all my idle CPUs mine Monero at night when I'm not using it. I think this ease of getting into Monero mining with just CPU keeps the network very decentralized.

Battle of Privacy Coins! Comparison of Top 3 Privacy Coins XMR ZEC DASH

1 Mar 2020 Mnox

01 March 2020
So, I'm basing the top 3 privacy coins off the market cap. Bytecoin is all the way down at 68 right now and that's why I didn't talk about it.

Fiat vs Cryptocurrency. Why Cryptocurrency Will Win.

27 Feb 2020 Mnox

27 February 2020
Thank you for your comment! :) Yes, inflation in terms of cost of general goods and services haven't been great but as a decrease in purchasing power of USD, I think it's been quite alot. Just look at how the real estate prices has increased year over year since 2008 and in many cities, they have doubled or tripled the price it was back in 2008. Like you said, money is being tied up in assets. Which is causing asset prices to rise to ATH. Price of general goods and services aren't being inflated but prices of assets are.

Publish0x vs Steemit: Why Equality Wins

20 Feb 2020 FarewelltoMinds

27 February 2020
I moved here from Steem blockchain also. It's a cool platform and had alot of potential but it's not worth publishing anything worth while because like you said, you are only going to get few upvotes that gives you a penny each. Whales pretty much ruined the ecosystem by just self voting their other accounts.

Fiat vs Cryptocurrency. Why Cryptocurrency Will Win.

27 Feb 2020 Mnox

27 February 2020
Government issued currencies fit the definition of a fiat currency perfectly though. From Wikipedia: "a currency without intrinsic value that has been established as money, often by government regulation. Fiat money does not have use value, and has value only because a government maintains its value, or because parties engaging in exchange agree on its value."

Fiat vs Cryptocurrency. Why Cryptocurrency Will Win.

27 Feb 2020 Mnox

27 February 2020
I feel like it pretty much sets you up for life long servitude. They pretty much want you to consume instead of save so they can keep the money flowing and inflation going. It all sounds good in numbers but we live in a planet with finite resources. We can't just keep consuming.

Fiat vs Cryptocurrency. Why Cryptocurrency Will Win.

27 Feb 2020 Mnox

27 February 2020
Thank you! It's my first post and I wanted to post something worthwhile.

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